The Orange Spark Unleashed!

We are The Orange Spark Unleashed!

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We are a team of over 70 dedicated entertainers with an arsenal of skills at our disposal such as; tailoring, crafting, professional photography, videography, background acting, an executive makeup department, weapon specialists, stunt specialists, special effects teams, and an ever-growing list of characters!

Several of our actors will be assisting in bringing to life incredible live-action adaptation of the characters you know and love!

Meet some of our team members!

Steve -Narutol

Hi! My name is Steven Gathings, I’m the creator and Co-director of the independent short film crew known as The Orange Spark Unleashed that specialize in live adaptations bringing multiple series to life. I’m also an actor and will be starring as Naruto Uzumaki for our first film project! I’ve cosplayed Naruto Uzumaki professionally for the last 5 years and loved every bit of portraying this personal hero of mine. I’m inspired to motivate others in following their goals in life using the art of cinema and entertainment!


“I’m the sensei that treats his students as his own children. I absolutely refuse to abandon those I swore to protect and guide.” My name is Nobu_Ven. From Wisconsin now living in Florida. I am Kakashi Hatake for The Orange Spark Unleashed! “I WILL PROTECT THEIR FUTURE!!”

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“Every girl blooms in her own time, Some just have more strength!” Hi there, I’m Nicole and I cosplay as Sakura Haruno for The Orange Spark Unleashed! I’m a Florida gal, born and raised! I’ve always been a creative soul. When I was young I remember I couldn’t stop creating or performing in some type of the arts! I love to act, sing, dance, sew, have fun, and bring cosplay and characters to life through my dedication and hard work! Now let’s going! CHA!

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Nicoles Cosplay 


“I have long since closed my eyes…My only goal is in the darkness.” My name is Tyler Lynch and I am a Florida raised guy who has a big heart for the people around me! Sasuke Uchiha is my character in the Orange Spark Unleashed project! I have a passion for acting, choreography, and directing! I love enjoying my time with the team and going on new adventures around Florida to shoot the best scenes we can deliver.

“What I have is not a dream, because I will make it a reality.”


“Haha, I tricked you! I was only pretending to be dead.” I am Sophia Phipps and am Granny Chiyo with the Orange Spark Unleashed project! This sassy elder is one of my most favorite characters to cosplay. Wisconsin born and now living in Florida, I have a passion for acting, adventuring, having fun with my family/cosplay family and anime. Come discover the Unleashed project and meet the cast of 70+ people who help make it possible! Who knows what you will find in our Naruto universe. “Youth…is something that holds such possibilities.”

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Obito - Nahum

Welcome to the End! My name is Nahum Mau, and I am a Florida-born, short-film emissary! My character is Obito Uchiha, and I am also Co-Creator and Director of the Orange Spark Unleashed Film Project. My love for narration, visual storytelling, and dedicating acting has pushed me to strive for excellence in this *NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE* cinematic endeavor. The only thing that’s made it conceivable are all those involved. Please come and enjoy the company of our 70+ cast, and get to know the characters behind the masks. After all, the best surprises are revealed near the end…

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Orange Spark Captains coming soon!

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