The Anime Gatsby – Electro Swing Dance

The Green Light Final



This year at LUMI-CON we’re opening up our Main Events room to some new concepts with a fusion dance party!

We’re taking from classic tales of literature, digital media, animation and even the silver screen to recreate some of the most vibrant and energetic atmospheres that you’ve only dreamed about!

This year’s we’re combining F. Scott Fitzgeralds classic story with an Electro Swing twist.

Join us as we set the stage for a party but not just any party, A Gatsby Party!

You won’t want to miss out on this one-time event.

As they say, All the bright precious things fade so fast, and they don’t come back.

So why wait for some after party when you can party all night!?

Gatsby invitation 2

You have been personally invited by Master Gatsby to a party taking place at Lumi-Con on October 26th, 2018.

Who is Gatsby?

Rumors have been heard that our host was a war hero, that they are richer than god, third cousin to the Kaiser and second cousin to the devil.

But no one to this day has ever met Gatsby personally.

Join the Speakeasy Sirens for a prohibition inspired evening shrouded in mystery and experience a timeless tale seen through the eyes of the roaring 20’s!

But who is Gatsby and what is the Green Light? 

Look forward to seeing you there, Old Sport.



Event time: 8:00pm 

Location: Main Events Ballroom

Attire: This is a themed cosplay party so you are encouraged to attend in either 1920s fashion, Cosplay or celebrate the evening with a fusion of both! 

Admission: Free for all LUMI-CON Pass holders,$3 at the door for non-pass holders.



To contact us with any questions you may have about the event or even submit a song request message us here! Email

*Room Max capacity may be exercised as with any event