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Welcome to the LUMI-CON Table Top gaming page!

Whether you enjoy investing in group tabletop games of old, the rival creating turn-based trading card format or an interactive experience of being caught up in a roundtable improv game, LUMI-CONs tabletop room will have something for everyone!

We have empty chairs a bunch of tables, a ton of games just waiting for you!

We have a large variety of games you can check out when you visit our room, as well as tournaments lined up for some of the best trading card games today!

It may be our first year but don’t underestimate the power our tabletop room will pack!

Our friendly and dedicated tabletop staff will be on site to help by running some great gaming tutorials teaching you step by step so you can involve others through the weekend, then they will host some great competitions where you can even win some prizes and souvenirs!

We also encourage you to bring any games you may have and want to play with others during the weekend!

We’ve also teamed up with the Passionate, enthusiastic and very helpful Youtuber Rodney from Watch It played to get you off to a good start!


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Watch It Played Youtube

Make sure to Subscribe and follow their gaming channel to learn more about tabletop gaming!

Take a look at what we have in store for you! ( * = New games added recently)

*Red Dragon Inn *When I Dream
*Avalon/ Resistance *Code Names
*Battle Wizards *Clank!/ Underwater
*Clank! In Space *Stuffed Fables
*Last Friday *Compounded
*T.I.M.E Stories *Elysium
*Roll Player *Harry Potter card game
*Portal *Citadel of Time
*The Captain is Dead *Scott Pilgrim
*Terraforming Mars *Dead of Winter
*The Godfather *The Big Book of Madness
*Libertalia *Last Night on Earth
*Flatline *Ninja Burger
*Boss Monster *Rick and Morty Anatomy Park
*Captain Sonar *The Dragon & Flagon
*Escape From The Aliens in Outer Space *Dead Last
*Raise Your Goblets *London Dread
*Covert *Fuse
*Betrayal at House on the Hill *Elder Signs
*Room 25 *Escape!
*Cards Against Humanity

And more to come!!

Tournament information coming soon!

Final Fantasy Trading Card game Tutorial!