Silver Moon – D&D (Interactive)


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Silver Moon – D&D Sessions

Welcome to LUMI-CONS newest interactive experience we have named The Silver Moon!

In these weekend long interactive Dungeon & Dragons sessions we will host a 5 to 8 person adventure set in the realm of Shadow fell.

The Silver moon is your light in the darkness guiding you out of the Shadow fell. Can you and your fellowship make it out alive?

We encourage you to come play with friends or look to make some new ones during our campaigns that run all weekend long!

Even if you’re new to Dungeons and Dragons, this adventure will be right for you!

Session info: 

  • Each session should run 2 to 3 hours long.
  • Characters will all be premade
  • There will be a selection of  12 characters, (8 made by DM), others created through online polls before the event. (Visit our LUMI-CON OFFICIAL PAGE to vote)


The Story so far…

The peaks of ashen mountains seem to shrink as a chilled wind blows past. Your senses betray you, light is only a memory. The Campfire is no longer warm, it creates the absence of cold. You and these other travelers have lost all sense of time, you’ve been trapped here for so long that this place feels like home. Despair nearly claims you as you curl up for another night in the unending darkness.

The sensation is strange, warmth. You don’t remember it, it startles you awake. You look up above the mountains of ash and before you, gleaming silver is a moon in the sky. The moon fills you with warmth, with purpose. The soft steely glow returns the hope you once lost. The warm silver cascades down and leaves a trail of light between two of the ashen peaks. For the first time in so long, you feel hopeful.


D&D workshops!

In between games we will be running workshops on how to be a better DM, teaching inexpensive ways to craft and what the DM’s guild is!

Join the Silver Moon at Lumi-Con 2019 located in the back of our Table Top room! 

For any questions, comments or suggestion about this interactive feature please contact our LUMI-CON TABLE TOP TEAM.