Rave of Choice

Rave of Choice banner complete

For many years light and sound have been crafted in Main Event rooms to get people on the dance floor and lost in the realm of digital mayhem! But now we’re asking your help and taking it one step further to put together a Rave so loud and full of energy it will wake the dead!

Join the Official Poll (Click on the banner below) on our group page and tell us what theme you want us to use so you and your friends can dance the night away!

Then our awesome Dj’s Arsinal & Intensiv will put together the tracks, program the lighting and give you a few surprises with the theme you choose to make this rave experience a night you won’t ever forget!

Submissions for themes will close on June 1st, 2018 so get them in while you can!

*Lumi is dancing with glow sticks* 

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No hidden link here!! *Goes back to dancing with glow sticks* 

*Themes pictured above are currently in the lead but may be subject to change.