Project Lumi (2017)

Our mascot Lumi was created not only to be an adorable visual piece of art but also a symbol of all the good that can come from our community. The light we share with one another through good deeds, random acts of kindness or and caring moments with a stranger.
But why was Lumi created to be the grantor of wishes?
That’s something all of you have inspired, something we’ve now named Project Lumi.
Some of the proceeds from this event will be placed into a donation fund called Project Lumi. (You may have seen it on our ticket site as well)
This Project will be set up to select and help out one individual each year from our community. Someone that needs the kindness of strangers like only our community can deliver. And you have the power to make this happen just by coming to LUMI-CON and having a good time.
In the future, we will open up a completely anonymous nomination form in this section of our website so you can write us and tell us why maybe your friend, family member, parent, or even a complete stranger deserves to have their wish granted.
Together with everyone who believes in our event, we will change someone’s life for the better and create a brighter world one person at a time.
We believe anyone can make a convention, but you are the ones who bring it to life. You have the power to help us give Lumi meaning. So join us in becoming a hero to someone in need and maybe even saving one more light along the way.
We thank you for supporting LUMI-CON and in turn Project Lumi as we hope it will make a difference to someone who needs our help.
Project Lumi 2017 wish granted 
Liam 3
A Very Lumi Christmas for Liam
Through donations made in our raffle and presents donated by community members, you have already begun to make a difference and shared your light with someone who needed it. With everything, we collected from those in attendance at Holiday Matsuri,
The gift donations from members of The Final Fantasy Ball Picnic Facebook page,
and LUMI-CON Staff. We have all made a difference in saving a child’s Christmas.
We thank you for making this possible and hope you understand
just how important you all are to this world.
To see more of Liams Christmas visit us here LUMI-CON FACEBOOK!