Star Pop Year 2


Are you ready to go live?

In 2019 LUMI-CON invited 5 groups of Idols and dancers to take the stage in the very first Star Pop Live! event!

Star Pop- live- Alumni

We provide the stage, lighting, sound system and audience and they provided a knock out show that was so well received we’re bringing it back by popular demand for another year!

Is your Idol or dance group looking to make a huge convention debut but don’t know where to apply? Then look no further as LUMI-CON is looking to give you the opportunity you’ve been searching for!

If selected our talented team will work with you from beginning to end to put on the concert experience of your dreams complete with lighting, sound and technical assistance!

So read our information below then submit an application to be considered as one of the next 5 to take the stage and go Live this Halloween weekend!

This event will focus more as a performance / concert style event where Idols/dancers can showcase their groups talents. It is a pop Idol style event and groups are allowed to perform dances from their favorite anime Idol, J-Pop , Kpop , and hip hop style of dance and music. The event will welcome seasoned and new dance groups and will be an hour long show with equal amount of time for all groups participating.
1. Please have up to 3 songs chosen ( or 15 minutes total ) for performance pieces.
2. Each group will be rotated out to allow for rest time and costume changes unless the request to opt out of this and do back to back performances.
3. Participants must have Lumi-con passes to perform and will be issued special discount codes for 50% off 3-day or VIP passes.
4. Any previews of the performance / dance chosen by each group will be required by no later than later than July 31st, 2021. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE FULL PERFORMANCE. Song choices and final information must also be submitted around this time.
5. Group collaborations are allowed
6. Cosplay is not required but welcome.
7. All groups will be required to fill out an informational form about their group. This will provide staff with the proper information for any promotional material.
8. we encourage filming or photography of practices or performances! If you would like them to be included in your interview/introduction video please let us know. You can send them to LUMI-CON STAR POP LIVE for the time-being.
10. Passes will be extended to any media team members (Videography and Photography)group provides who capture the performance with the exception of shared media usage for all parties.
11. LUMI-CON will also share all media recorded from it’s own media team members.
12. Performers will be given designated stage time for practice and Mic checks if singing when available before the event time.
13. Each group must provide an individual designated for tech cues (if multiple are required) during performances.
14. Groups have permission to pitch ideas for room layout and seating, this can help bring the show down into the audience at certain points if desired.
15. To be eligible for this event all submissions forms must be completed by August 15th, 2021.

Dress Code:
1. Overly sexual garments are not allowed due to the event being PG-13 time slot.
2. No oversize props are allowed due to safety concerns for the performers
3. Please try to keep your appearances clean and uniform.
4. For your safety we ask that you refrain from open toed shoes and large heels.
5. If you are wearing a skirt or dress please wear spanks or cheer shorts to avoid costume malfunctions.
6. All outfits must also follow the Lumi-Con & host hotel regulations.
7. All props must be approved by event director and adhere to lumi-con guidelines.


APRIL 1st 2021!

For any questions regarding this event please email our Star Pop Live! Event Director Kerby at Star Pop Live Questions.