RETRO CITY WARFARE III: Aftershock 2 – Big City Boogaloo!

Are you ready to defend Retro city?

Since 2016 Retro City Warfare (or RCW for short) has been delivering an energy filled fight show you have to see to believe!

Pulling from a variety of source materials, there is no stopping this event once it begins. Using a mix of hand to hand, martial arts and pro wrestling magic this event will bring your favorite video game, anime and comic book characters to life.

There’s no telling who will show up and then throw down!


The story thus far:

Retro City is once again without a leader!  M. Bison, Dictator of the infamous Shadaloo organization, has managed to gain a foothold within the city’s economic infrastructure along with a surprising out pour of public support much to the chagrin of Retro City Councilman Rudy Gomez who saw a decline in public support after his golden boys, the Double Dragon Bros. abandoned their responsibilities of co-mayoring the city after defeating Senator Armstrong.

Councilman Gomez believes with M. Bison in power & fearing that his reign will not only bring down the city, but ultimately be a stand in for what he strongly theorizing to be a greater threat looming in the horizon. He is now attempting to muster a small, clandestine team of unique fighters to acquire several ancient artifacts that once they’re brought together can defeat M. Bison & the supposed “greater threat”.

~Audition information~

Would you like to be a part of the Action?

Information will be posted in May about our open audition process for characters in this years Retro City Warfare show!

No experience is necessary as we’ll work together to train and prepare you for a memorable performance experience.

All participants cast will receive a complimentary 3-day cast badge as well as special discount codes for friends!


For more information follow RCW for future announcements on their Official Facebook page by clicking here!