The Discotheque Dream is on a mission to take you through a storybook journey into fandoms with its wild fusion of off-the-wall comedy and stylish dance choreography. So grab your dance partner and have a seat!

This year Vivi, Arthur, and Mystery the Dog are on a paranormal-filled adventure to find their best friend Lewis who has gone missing.

Their quest leads them to a haunted mansion and despite venturing through their fair share of haunted phantom estates, things are not as they seem in this jitterbug mansion. This place seems to be hold a groovy secret that causes those held within its walls to start PARTYING.

Will our mystery gang escape the evil ghostly clutches of DANCE? Will you? Or will you freak to the beat of the music?

Join us at the Discotheque Dream as we takes a spooky return to the stage!

~Audition information~

Would you like to be a part of the Dream?

Information will be posted in May about our open audition process for characters in this years Discotheque Dream dance show!

No experience is necessary as we’ll work together to train and prepare you for a memorable performance experience.

All participants cast will receive a complimentary 3-day cast badge as well as special discount codes for friends!


For more information follow us for future announcements on the Discotheque Dream Official Facebook page by clicking on the image below!

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