Do you enjoy seeing your husbando or waifu on stage? How about a little fan service?

Since 2012 the LUMI-CON staff has been creating unrivaled 18+ events for fans by giving audiences something to talk, laugh and lose their minds about!

Welcome to our latest creation guaranteed to drive you M.A.D.!

Mischief After Dark (M.A.D. for short) fuses today’s fandoms with original storytelling, some of  the hottest tracks and brings to you an electrifying fan-service performance with some of the hottest anime and video game characters right before your very eyes.

 You won’t know where your sanity ends and the madness begins.

Join us for LUMI-CON 2020!

As the doors close, the lights come on and the clothes come off!

Welcome to Mischief After Dark!!

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Audition information coming in April!



“What is M.A.D. Aka Mischief After Dark”

After Hour Affairs is LUMI-CONs original fan service driven dance show! Our performs work through months of practice to put on memorable and entertaining numbers to make all your deepest desires a reality, we try to put a story in there somewhere too.

“When is M.A.D.”

After Hour Affairs will be held at LUMI-CON 2020 on Saturday night 9:00 pm in the main events ballroom.

“What do I need to attend?”

After hour affairs admission is included with every type of LUMI-CON 2020 pass so there is no extra charge!!

“How much to attend without a LUMI-CON pass?”

If you wish to attend the showing of After hours affairs on it’s own it will be $5 at the door.

“Can I tip my favorite performer?”

All guests are allowed to tip performers as they are the true talent behind our events making fantasy a reality. They work with us as volunteers in an effort to keep ticket costs affordable for our event but at the same time provide quality entertainment. So this year we are encourage guests to help us show appreciation of their talents and how important they are to our community.

“Do I need to bring anything?”

You must bring a valid form of ID, Government-issued IDs and passports are acceptable. You will be carded at the door, 18+ only. (Please see our FAQ section for more information on this process)

“Can I take Pictures or Videos?” 

At this time no outside photos or videos will  be permitted of this event. We have professional and authorized personnel within room for this purpose only. Any guest seen taking pictures or videos of any kind will be escorted from our main events room and will not be granted access to return to the event.

“If I have to leave can I get back in?” 

This year we’ve taken feedback from previous events and will be creating a special curtain entrance and exit so you CAN enter and leave whenever you like! There’s nothing we want more than for you to see our events, so we’ve taken this measure to ensure you have no problems doing so!

For any other questions you may have about our Mischief After Dark event please E-mail us here at CONTACT M.A.D.