Main Events

From Opening ceremonies Friday to Closing ceremonies Sunday Lumi-con looks to fill your weekend with content you don’t want to miss out on!

With a variety of entertainment such as Shows, Dances, Contests and Interactive events this room will be the go to place for excitement all day long!


Opening Ceremonies

Friday – 12:00 PM 

Opening Ceremonies –  Join us as our convention directors personally welcome everyone to this years event! We are kicking off our weekend with informative announcements, introducing some of our special guests and Staff members who make your weekend the best it can be! 


OAA Banner 2020


ONE ACT ANIME – In this king of the hill type contest a handful of contestants will put their talents to the test as we find out who will be the One Act to take it all home in our skit competition. The prize? To be the One Act to return and defend your title and a complimentary 2-night hotel stay! They can sing, dance, act and make us laugh but only one will take home the trophy of best One Act!



Fusion Dance 2020  – Last year we opened our Main Events room to the concept of a sing-a-long circus tale! Taking from tales of literature, digital media, animation and even the silver screen we are looking to recreate the most vibrant and energetic atmospheres you only dream about! Last year the Speak Easy Sirens combed a circus with an anime twist featuring the music of The Greatest Showman and performing variety acts! Popcorn, boiled peanuts and drinks were provided to those in attendance and we can’t wait to show you what me have in store for this year!



FRIDAY – 11:00 PM (R Rating, for strong language and stage combat violence)

Retro City Warfare – Citizens of Retro City! Are you ready for the hypest, most intense fight show in the convention circuit?! Then join us in the Lumi District as some of your favorite characters from fighting game franchises and anime bring you some hardcore, hard hitting, in your face, smash mouth action at LUMI-CON 2020!




The Discotheque Dream – The Discotheque Dream is on a mission to take you on a storybook journey through fandoms with its wild fusion of off-the-wall comedy and stylish dance choreography. So  get ready to clap your hands and tap your feet! Discotheque Dream is going to get your sides hurting from laughter and bodies swinging to the beat!


FFB Cover Banner


THE FINAL FANTASY BALL – A romantic ballroom event created in 2002 designed to capture the heart of all who spends an evening with us. Dance the night away as you’ll be treated to an interactive cast of in-character performers, some of the best dance music of and memorable Final Fantasy tracks. You’ll be swept away into a world that can only be described as THE FINAL FANTASY BALL!


SATURDAY – 9:00 PM (18+ event bring your ID’s!)

 (18+)-  Since 2012 our staff has left a hot & steamy impression on all those that witness our 18+ events and we look to do even more with our newest 18+ show! By combing the best of today’s music, an entertaining original story line and some of the greatest fan service moments you’ve ever seen, there’s no wonder the room is screaming each and every time this show comes around. The real question is can you handle the heat?



Themed Rave – Each year we invite guest DJ’s to spin with our rave host Dj Arsinal and other guest Djs!

Working hard behind the scenes they put together tracks, program the lights and look to open up a world for you to dive into! Each year we pick a theme and cater our Rave towards it! Want a say in the theme? Then head on over to our LUMI-CON *OFFICIAL* Facebook page and join the discussion!


SUNDAY 11:00 AM 

AMV HIGHLIGHTS – If you’re an up and coming editor with the passion to move audiences with your creative skills then this is the competition for you! Join us as we take a new approach to show off the winning submissions as well as submitted media from our fans!!


SUNDAY – 2:00 PM

JUNIOR PUMPKIN SHOWCASE – Right before our Cosplay Carnivale join us as we welcome the next generation of cosplayers to the stage as they share their favorite characters with us! Cheer them on and show them why the cosplay community is one of the most supportive groups out there!


SUNDAY – 2:00 PM

LUMI-CON COSPLAY CARNIVALE! – With $2,000 in prizes looking to be won it’s no wonder everyone rushes to enter! But we’re not just looking for one winner, we’re looking for masters of their crafts! Taking to the stage these individuals will show exactly why their skills and hard work as we select the best costumes, props and detail work that will be at LUMI-CON 2020!