Sunday Panel Information

Panels Sunday

Here you will find all the panel information for everything happening Sunday of the event!

Panels are listed in order or Room number, Time and host of panel and description of panel below them.


Panel Room 1

11:00 AM Photoshoot Time with Midori Vision Photography – Come one come all, to best photo experience at Lumi-con. No appointments, no cost, just free photos. Want to commemorate your convention weekend, but don’t have time to schedule a full photoshoot? Come on by in your cosplay or just as yourself and have your photo taken! There will be a backdrop and lights set up for you, and all you have to do is figure put a few poses. So make sure you stop by and get a pic of you cosplay this weekend!


12:00 pm  Ultimate Hangman! – Everyone knows how to play Hangman (we hope) but can the audience beat the Reaper at his deadly game as he puts beloved characters on the noose? How many characters can you save from death’s door? SPOILER WARNINGS: 2018 and earlier. We use characters who have died for our clues. Presented by: The Otaku Army

1:00 PM  Fandom History: Past, Present, and Future – From the days of Livejournal and yaoi paddles to Tumblr and Twitter, fandoms have experienced quite a bit of change over the years. Join us at this informative panel about the evolutions of fandoms, fandom jargon, their controversies, and more!

3:00 PM  Ultimate Werewolf – An interactive card game where players are in a village wondering who among them are werewolves and how to eliminate them before the wolves eliminate the village. Special roles are involved and friendships are tested. Will you survive this encounter?

4:00 PM  Supernatural: Farewell Wayward Sons – With season 15 set to bring the long running show to a close, TOA is bringing our fan favorite panel back, for a final road trip. We’ll be looking back on fond memories with the Winchesters on their Road So Far. And talking about where we think the long and winding road might end. So let’s get in Baby, blast some tunes with Dean, and remember, “No chick flick moments.”  


Panel Room 2

10:00 AM  Nerds Know – Dubs vs Subs  Rice balls or donuts? Usagi or Serena? The Eiffel or Tokyo Tower? Dubbed Anime or Subbed Anime!? Let’s end this debate once and for all with Nerds Know!

11:00 AM  JJLUGO – “The Truth About Games Media and The Gaming Industry with Jakejames Lugo” – The gaming media has a lot of things said about it, for better or worse. But is any of it ACTUALLY true? What’s it like becoming a games journalist or media personality in the world of video games? Learn the real story and find out all the tips, real stories, and crazy details about being part of the video games industry in this panel with Jakejames Lugo. With nearly a decade of experience covering video games and making content for some of the biggest outlets and platforms, its time everyone learned what it’s truly like to be part of the gaming world.

12:00 PM  Pelvic Gaming – COMFORTING VIDEO GAMES! –  Taking on a final boss can be exhausting. Or maybe we’ve been grinding hard in a JRPG and are looking for something more relaxing. Something mindless or easy to play. Let’s talk about games that make us feel cozy, or give us quick gratification. Games that we play on the side, to get away from our long, and grueling main game. It’s Sunday come on by in PJs, pillows, blankets, get comfy as we discuss our favorite homey games.

1:00 PM  What the Cosplay?!: Materials, Tools, & Where to Find Them – Whether you’re just starting out or looking into getting into a new venue of sewing or crafting come join SaphyreDaze (& maybe some friends) on a journey through the different types of materials you can use for cosplays that have come out over the years. With over a decade’s worth of knowledge and experimentation under her belt, she wants to share with you what did (and didn’t work) for certain applications and what materials work well for various builds. Great for all ages, skill levels, and budgets. From fabric to foam and beyond, we’ll help give you ideas to jumpstart your next project! We’ll also be providing a take-home list of resources of where to find products and tools both locally & online.  

2:00 PM  Depression & con life – Join our special guest speaker as they share what it’s  like living to day to day in our community with depression and what you can do to help yourself or others around you. Talking with each other can sometimes be a great start.


Panel Room 3

10:00 AM  GeekGoddessIdolProject Halloween Live – Doing the geek goddess idol project girls as we dance our hearts out for you two are Halloween extravaganza! We will be doing fun Halloween themed games a q&A and a spooky story performed by your favorite LoveLive girls! So join us for some tricks and treats we hope to see you there!

11:00 AM My Show Is Better Than Yours Ever notice how some shows feel like they are really similar? (Each with their own huge fandom claiming supperiority.) Well it’s time to roll up your sleeves and help us settle the debates once and for all on which show is better! 

12:00 PM  Jason Marsaton/Sonny Strait – It’s been a great weekend and we want a moment to say thank you and safe travels to some of our Special guests in this hour long panel!

1:00 PM Nerds Know – Don’t Forget the Lyrics So you know the lyrics to every Disney song ever made? Well then it’s time to prove it! Join Nerds Know as we rock out to the best Disney has to offer while testing your Disney cred! Those who successfully manage to sing along will win fantastic prizes!

3:00 PM  Japanese Commercials Why is Britney Spears speaking Japanese? Arnold Schwarzenegger looks really weird. OMG WHAT IS TOMMY LEE JONES DOING??? Japan, what the heck are you even trying to sell!?!? These questions and more…will not be answered at this panel. But join us for the best and worst Japanese commercials have to offer!