Saturday Panel Information

Panels Saturday

Here you will find all the panel information for everything happening Saturday of the event!

Panels are listed in order or Room number, Time and host of panel and description of panel below.


Panel Room 1

10:00 AM  Fanfiction Writing 101  – Are you looking to up your Fanfiction writing game? This is the panel for you! Get some insight on the Fanfiction writing process and how to get the most out of it from someone with over 10,000 hits on Archive of Our Own. 

11:00 AM  Kids and Cosplay – Bringing your kid into the convention scene? Does your child want to cosplay with you (do they not have a choice)? Come join us as we talk about some tips and tricks to make cosplaying with kids easy and fun. Cosplay Guest ComicChic19 & O-Zone will have kids costume samples, fabric tips, and answer questions. 

12:00 PM  Pretty Rhythms and Idol Activities: Idol Anime Outside the Mainstream   –Gotten your feet wet with Love Live, Bang Dream, or iDOLM@STER and want to learn more about the fascinating world of idol anime? Here’s where you belong!

1:00 PM  Guide to LARP  – Ever want to experience life as a table top character? Love acting out with your friends? Ever wonder what LARPing really is and how to get involved? Then come on in! We will be discussing different styles of LARP, how to make your first outfit, where to get your first weapon, how to survive for a game weekend and more. We will be discussing several games found in the Tampa and Orlando area as well!

2:00 PM  Surviving the Con Crunch – Cosplay deadlines can be tough but you don’t have to sacrifice your health or sanity. Join award-winning cosplayer StarlightDarling for tips and tricks on how to prioritize workload, manage stress and stay healthy all con season long.

3:00 PM  Moira Yume [Cosplay Contests: What do I Do]  – So the con is doing a costume contest and you want to enter but don’t know what you should and shouldn’t do. Come check out this panel where we will go over tips and tricks on how to go through prejudging all the way to walking up on stage.

4:00 PM  The Keyblade War  – The Keyblade war will soon be upon us, and the dandelions need to be ready to venture out and restore light to the worlds. Join your fellow keyblade wielders, and your union as you work together to build your own keyblade and test them against the forces of darkness.

5:00 PM  Ask the Pro Heroes! My Hero Questions and Answers – Hello, listeners! I, Present Mic, am opening the floor on this special episode of my radio show, for questions! Special Guests available for questions include Eraserhead, Ms. Joke, Nezu, Midnight and, of course, All Might! Join us for our all-ages, PG-13 rated Lumi-con special!

7:00 PM  Don’t Forget Those Lyrics! – We all love music from our favorite shows, games, and movies, but are You certain you Know your lyrics? If you think you know all the lines to all the greatest Disney movies, tv shows of the 80’s, 90’s and today, and all the catchy tunes that are bound to come up in the best fan circles then come to test your lyrical knowledge. And even if you’re not competing audience singing along is encouraged (at least until the music stops!). 

8:00 PM  Intro to SFX Make up – Need to bruise and scar yourself, but without the pain? Have to burn off half your face, but still look good for work the next day? Here we’ll teach you all the tricks to looking scary, messy, monstrous, and just plain gross! 

9:00 PM Moira Yume [Youkai, Yurei & Other Folklores]  – Have a love for things spooky? Folklores and ghost stories keeping you up at night? What do you do when the Slit-Mouth Woman has trapped you?! Come learn about the tales & folklores about the ghosts & demons associated with the land of the rising sun!

10:00 PM  Whose Line is it anyway? – An improv comedy show where the games of Whose Line is it anyway are performed by you. Come join in for classic games like Unlikely Superheroes, Scenes from a Hat, Party Quirks, and more. Audience participation is a must. Come join us for all the laughs and fun. 

11:00 PM  18+ Hentai Terminology 101 – Join Patrick in a fun and educational trip down hentai lane as he breaks down terms you’re likely to find in hentai, from ahegao to zettai ryouiki! Learn what the words mean, some popular examples, and their etymology!

12:00 AM  Meditation Doodles – Meditation doodles are a way to calm your mind through art. Come and learn how doodling can be used for stress relief!


Panel Room 2

10:00 AM  JJLugo – “Video Games to Wake Up With, Morning Gaming with Jakejames Lugo”

 Look… it’s mad early, you just got up and things are running slow, especially on the weekends. So what kind of video games do you play when you first get up in the morning? What games help begin your day? Come join a fun and super chill discussion with Jakejames Lugo about the games we love to play when we just don’t want to get up. Some might scroll through Instagram or surf YouTube, but some of us just love to play games all morning..

11:00 AM  So You Want To Compete – For cosplayers who want to enter the world of competitive cosplay, join award-winning cosplayer StarlightDarling for a discussion on how to prepare, etiquette, and what judges look for in a Best in Show piece. 

12:00 PM  [Florida State Guest – Chiefy Creates] Armor Making Basics – Do you want to make armor for cosplay but don’t know how to get started? I will show you the materials needed to start and how to use them to make the cosplay you have been wanting to create! I will be explaining how to use EVA foam, worbla, and using Pepakura patterns.

1:00 PM  The Theme Song Guessing Game  – The Theme Song Guessing Game is a challenge in which the host will play songs from various genres of TV shows, animes, movies, video games, and musicals for the participants to guess. The game itself is comprised of 3 rounds, varying in difficulty. The 10 participants with the most points at the end of round 3 will each receive a prize, provided by the host. First place receives a $50 gift card to Box Lunch, all runner ups will get to choose from a variety of prizes, including, but not limited to, Funko Pop! Figures, Blush and Wood soaps, and candy. This is fun and appropriate for all ages.

2:00 PM  Dookished – The 2019 Shame of the Year Awards w/ Dookieshed – Join YouTuber Dookieshed as he takes the audience on a journey through the last 10-ish months of gaming. We’ll take a walk down memory lane and answer the hard-hitting questions, such as: Have Kingdom Hearts fans finally shut up for good? And, Can you legally marry your Nintendo Switch (asking for a friend)? These questions and more will all be answered. So come on down and have a BIGG LAFF.

3:00 PM  Pelvic Gaming – HORROR IN NON-HORROR VIDEO GAMES! – We all have rough idea of what to expect from horror games. Eriee areas, zombies, monsters, things coming out from the darkness to snatch you away from your comfort. But what about horrific scenes and locations in NON horror games…for us who don’t dabble in the terrifying genre? Let’s talk about what catches us off guard and some of our favorite moments in NON horror games. 

4:00 PM  Kpop Photocards: 101 & trading post!  – Welcome kpop fans! In the first half of the panel we’ll explore the basics of kpop photocard trading! In the 2nd half the room will be open to making trades with fellow card collectors. Don’t have a card? There may be a few LOMOs available to help you get started! If you like kpop cards (or just want to know what LOMO means) stop on by!

5:00 PM  Leatherworking – Basic introduction to learning how to work and make things with leather

6:00 PM  Mermaiding 101  – Love swimming and cosplaying? Looking to find a way to put those two together? How much does a mermaid tail cost?If you’ve ever wondered any of these questions or maybe have a little bit of curiosity, make your way on over to this panel!

7:00 PM House Party @ Titans Tower – Come join the Teen Titans as they throw a Crash House Party

8:00 PM  Nerds Know – The Feels: Cartoons & Anime – Everyone needs a good cry now and again…so Nerds Know is going to make you cry enough for the next year! In this panel, we are going to relive some of the saddest moments in Cartoons and Anime history. Nothing will be off limits! So be sure to have a handkerchief or your friend’s shoulder handy, as you will need something to cry into when we are done with you!

9:00 PM  The Creepynet Panel – Come have a seat and don’t look behind you as we explore some of the best creepypasta, ghosts caught on camera, and scary real-life stories from all over the internet including popular reddit posts and “that” part of YouTube. Not for the faint of heart! 

11:00 PM  Nerds Know 18+ – WTF Japan 18+ – So we have another panel that showcases some of the perverted stuff to come out of Japan…video of a girl being thrown into the crotch of a full grown man dressed in BDSM leather, sexually charged commercials, and footage of used panties you can get in vending machines. Well this panel makes “all of that” look like a Care Bears special on the Disney Channel!! We are going to show you everything Japan has to offer in this panel…but don’t say we didn’t warn you. You’re literally going to be shouting “WTF Japan” more than once. PS: If you see people storming out, that’s a good sign to enter for the good stuff! *ID Checks at Door*


Panel Room 3

10:00 AM  The Saturday Morning Jukebox – We used to have a reason to get up on Saturday morning…all of the cartoons and their amazing intros! Join us for an hour as we relive the good old days and sing along! So break out your favorite pajamas and fuzzy slippers on this musical trip down cartoon lane!

11:00 AM  Chocobo Racing – On your mark…Get set…KWEH! The wild chocobos have escaped the pen! Help corral those fluffy yellow horse-birds back to their home in this high paced relay race.

12:00 PM  Nerds Know – Disney Sing Along – It’s time to “Let it Go,” “Be Our Guest,” and “Go the Distance” with Nerds Know as we take turns jamming out to the best Disney songs ever! So don’t be shy and pick up the mic and sing along with us!

1:00 PM  Jason Marsden –“Voice Over for Animation and Video Games Workshop” – I give everyone a ‘lips-on” experience on what it’s like to be a voice actor for toons and vids.

2 PM  Nerds Know – Oh Japan What Have you done – Join Nerds Know as we explore the coolest, strangest, and most perverted things to ever hit Japanese Television! Be warned, if you plan on having a beverage with you…it will be coming out of your nose. No seriously! Put the soda down for the next hour….it burns

3:00 PM  Conquest: SUPER FFXIV HALLWAY PRG  – The ever popular Super Hallway RPG is back! But this time, with Tactics? Grid based fighting comes to life in this new adventure. Work together with your team to overcome the darkness or cast a dark shadow on the realm of light.

4:00 PM  Sonny Strait Through the eyes of Mae Hughes – Hear about one of the greatest animes, Full Metal Alchemist, through the eyes of one of it’s most beloved characters. All ages and heights panel. (So Ed will be allowed entry)

5:00 PM  Umbrella Pop! – Welcome one and all to the Otonokizaka School Festival! Muse is holding a circus performance and you’re invited to see our act! There will be dancing, cosplay, photos, and other surprises. Nico nico niiii!

6:00 PM  Fandom Feud – Teams of 5 are randomly chosen to compete in this Geek-tastic spin on the classic tv game show. 100’s have been polled with questions like “It’s A Trap: Name a character who is a gender trap” The answers may be obvious, give you a good laugh, or leave you scratching your head. Either way “Survey says…!” Presented by: The Otaku Army


9:00 PM  The Dice Hate Me  – 1…crap. 1…. Crap. 1…. You’re Dead, Jim. Crap! Whether you have been playing D&D for a lifetime or just getting started, we all know that dirty dice can ruin all our fun. Even if you’ve never played before we can get you started since we’ll be taking the audience through a small dungeon, while in each room we hear epic tales of Epic Fails. Audience participation will be critical to our adventures through the love and losses of the dice that hate us. 

10:00 PM  Crits, Characters, and Chaos Part 3: A Live Action Tabletop Improv Show –

Our Gamers have gathered together to play an RPG, controlled(and maybe even played) in part by you, the audience! Be the Dice Tower, Be the rule book, be the benevolent or tyrannical assistant Game Masters that you wish to be, and provide our Gamers (or your fellow con-goer) a challenged rivaling that of the Barrier Peaks! Join us as the Party’s adventure continues in Night 3 of this perilous campaign, in the new and improved Crits, Characters, and Chaos Improve Show!

11:00 PM  Terrible Fanfiction Dramatic Theater – LEWD EDITION – We’ve all read our fair share of terrible, ridiculous, and just plain cringey fanfiction from the deep, dark bowels of the internet. Join us as we act out some of our favorites and read them in dramatic voices. Rated PG-13 for general tomfoolery.