Friday Panel Information

Panels Friday

Here you will find all the panel information for everything happening Friday of the convention!

Panels are listed in order or Room number, Time and host of panel and description of panel below.


Panel Room 1

1:00 PM  Nerds Know –  Con Survival 101 – So it’s your first con and you have no idea how to survive? Well then this is the panel for you! Convention newbies (and veterans) will be exposed to all the best tips and strategies for surviving the convention! But if all you take away from this panel is one thing…shower daily. No seriously, SHOWER daily…WITH soap!

2:00 PM  Nerds Know – Racism and Sexism in Animation – “Have you noticed that a lot of Americans depicted in Anime are from Texas? Or just how many damsels in distress there are? Well we always notice these kinds of things, so please don’t send the SJW’s after us, but we really have to point out some of the really messed up stuff in anime and other cartoons.”

3:00 PM  Nerds Know – Your Childhood Ruined – Do you remember that one scene in your favorite cartoon as a child that had your big brother or sister cracking up but had you scratching your head? Well we remember all of those moments and plan to ruin your childhood! That’s right, we are going relive all of those precious moments with you and shatter all your warm fuzzy memories of what you thought was an innocent cartoon!

4:00 PM  Non-Visible, Nerds with Disabilities – Come join us in a safe, secure environment to talk about what it’s like to attend a convention while having a disability This is an interactive experience. We want to hear your stories and answer your questions. Come join the Nerds with Disabilities and have some fun.

5:00 PM  Nerds Know – : Con’in On a Budget – Nerds Know has been to more conventions than we care to admit and none of us are trust fund babies. How do we do it you ask? Well join us for this panel and we will tell you! We are going to share all of our penny pinching secrets with you and by the end you will be able to attend any convention you want on even the slimmest of budgets!

6:00 PM  Nerds Know – A Panel on Panels – Now that you have had a blast with Nerds Know at all of our amazing panels, would you like to host your own one day but don’t have a clue where to start? Well in this hour we will give you some of our sage advice and tips on how to host your own panel! 

7:00 PM  Nerds Know – Japanese Mythology – Have you seen “Yokai Watch” or played “Okami” and wondered what was going on? Or perhaps were curious about the deeper meanings of just about everything going on in “Spirited Away.” Well in this panel we peel back some of the mysteries of Japanese mythology and how they relate and appear in the anime we love. After all Japanese mythology is a collection of proper mythos, regional folktales, and even modern uban-myth based legends. Don’t miss out on this ones fans, it’s a legendary experience! 

8:00 PM:  Destiny: Guardians New Light  – There you are… Eyes up Guardian, you have no idea how long we’ve been looking for you. You’ve been dead a long time, but now you’re Alive and you’re a Guardian! Travel with your Ghost to journey into the vast worlds of Destiny. Inviting players old and new alike to join a panel of longtime Guardians such as Cayde-6, Lord Shaxx, and others, as we talk about everything from basics for beginners to Shadowkeep and beyond. 

9:00 PM  Why do you Cosplay?  – For fun, to escape, to make friends, to find a family- we all have reasons for why we cosplay. Let’s spend some time sharing those experiences and explore how cosplay can build confidence and connections, and how to use that to better the community around us!

10:00 PM  Whose Line is it Anyway?  – An improv comedy show where the games of Whose Line is it anyway are performed by you. Come join in for classic games like Unlikely Superheroes, Scenes from a Hat, Party Quirks, and more. Audience participation is a must. Come join us for all the laughs and fun. 


Panel Room 2

1:00 PM  Final Fantasy XIV: Games and More!  – Ever been curious about final fantasy xiv? Do mmos scare you but the story interests you? Then come here to learn about the story, characters and play some fun games while you’re at it! 

2:00 PM  Bingo Bash  – A/N/I/M/E, G/A/M/E/R, O/T/A/K/U, M/O/V/I/E, H/E/R/O/S, This isn’t your grandma’s game of Bingo! Take a seat, and check your cards to win fabulous prizes. All sorts of themed bingo cards with related prizes and lots of fun await you and your friends as you compete with other congoers to get lucky in Bingo Blast. Presented by: The Otaku Army

3:00 PM  Terrible Fanfiction Dramatic Reading Theater  –We’ve all read our fair share of terrible, ridiculous, and just plain cringey fanfiction from the deep, dark bowels of the internet. Join us as we act out some of our favorites and read them in dramatic voices. Rated PG-13 for general tomfoolery.

4:00 PM  TikTok! How to use it to boost your following  – I’m gonna give a run down explanation of what tik tok is how to use it what kind of ball park content gets featured on the feature page and how using it can boost your following on other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc. I’d also love to gloss over how you can turn your following into money or sponsorships.

5:00 PM  JoJo’s Bizzare Stand Off : Pose Natione – Think you’ve got what it takes to prove your ultimate posing prowess?  Come compete against fellow posers to be crowned the Stand-Off Champion.  A panel of judges (characters you know and love from the series) will determine who’s the best in a chance to win prizes, bragging rights, and to have fun in this one of a kind pose-off Judges will look at creativity, angle, and emotion.  There will also be an Audience favorite award. So come and show us what you got!

6:00 PM  [Mandy Cake Cosplay] Cheating is OK Sometimes: Secret Tricks to Prop Building –  In the panel I will go over how to start planning a new project and all the little random secrets I have accumulated along the way.

7:00 PM  JJ Lugo – “The EPIC Final Fantasy Panel: Host by Jakejames Lugo”  – Final Fantasy is one of the most legendary franchises in gaming, but has it grown into something more and endured its legacy over the years? Come join a fun and insightful panel for fans about all things Final Fantasy with Jakejames Lugo. Everything from the stories, the characters, the gameplay, and so more about the Final Fantasy series will be spotlighted. And if you’re a Final Fantasy cosplayer, you’ll want to see “… there’s a secret between you and me…. Got that?”

8:00 PM Video Game Music Jeopardy  – Think you know your gaming music?  Time to put it to the test. This is game for all ages.  Make teams, choose categories carefully and make your bets wisely.  

9:00 PM  Pokémon Trade & Game  – This will be an event where pokèmon fans can trade Pokémon plushies and/or ingame Pokémon from the 3DS games Ultras Sun/Moon. There will be a quiz challenge to win prizes as well.

10:00 PM  Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Fic Libs – Come help write a fanfic! Or, at least, “help” “write” “fanfic”. We’ll be taking audience input to fill in the blanks and create a story! Of some sort. Probably a shippy one. Some poor sot can read it out to the crowd when it’s done. You should be proud: you helped make this.

11:00 PM  Neon Genesis Evangelion: An (Almost) Improvised Retelling  – Never watched Evangelion? Watched it before but still want to talk about it? Maybe you’ve seen it for the first time on Netflix and still have questions. This is the panel for all of you! At this panel, you will you get a concise, accurate retelling of Neon Genesis Evangelion, followed by a discussion of the series to ask questions, express opinions, or just connect with other fans of the series.

12 AM  Meditation doodles  – Meditation doodles are a way to calm your mind through art. Come and learn how doodling can be used for stress relief!


Panel Room 3

2:00 PM  Jason Marsden – “I Voiced Noel Kriess in FF13.2 and Still Couldn’t Tell You What it Was About” – A fun filled panel where I can describe the 8 month process of recording a video game such as this and ask the audience to help me figure out what the story was all about.

3:00 PM  Conquest: Pork Nationals  – Pork Nationals 2019 Rule number one of Pork Nationals: Don’t talk about Pork Nationals Rule number two: Tell everyone about Pork Nationals Rule number three: Have fun. Pork Nationals is a no holds barred Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament hosted by the dynamic duo of Evan and Khriztion of ConQuest Interactive. The Big Gold Pork Nationals Trophy is up for grabs. Will you be the one to shoot the best? Rules: Show up, sign up, have fun. Rock, Paper, and Scissors only

4:00 PM   Sonny Strait –  Voices in Anime – From Comics to Anime to Comics Again Panel
Starting his comic career in 1988 to becoming one of the biggest voices in anime, and then returning to the widely praised Elf Quest comic, Sonny discusses how to live two impossible dreams and succeed at it!

6:00 PM  Fruits Basket Banquet  – **Reserved event Fruits Basket Zodiac Banquet**

8:00 PM  Discotheque Dream Presents: Lip-Sync for Your Dream! – Discotheque Dream is bringing you the ships, so you can lip-sync it!!!! We want you to join in on this immersive and interactive music-filled, coachella-fied, dancing simulated, and apple-bottom jeans and boots with the fur experience.  

10:00 PM Dookieshed 18+  – Your Waifu is Trash: Gaming Edition w/ Dookieshed & Lady Pelvic! In these dark, dark times, we do what we must to escape from the harshness of reality. And what better escape is there than drooling over hot video game characters!? Join YouTubers Dookieshed and Lady Pelvic for an 18+ experience, where we rate the Husbando or Waifu of your choice on a very scientific scale that we’re going to make up on the spot.

11:00 PM  18+ Night Patrol: Ask the Pro Heros!  – Hello, adult listeners! Present Mic here, with a special 18+ episode of my radio show! Tonight, I have gathered several pro heroes for you, my audience, to ask some of your more risque questions. Pros include Eraserhead, Ms. Joke, Midnight, Nezu and, of course, All Might. Don’t be shy, and ask away!