Pelvic Gaming (Youtube Guest)


Lady Pelvic


LUMI-CON is proud to welcome back Lady Pelvic pf Pelvic Gaming as she makes waves in the streaming and review community on YouTube and social media!

Ambers story begins as she attended Seminole State College (SSC) with the interest of a career in Hospitality or the Film industry field. It was at this time she discovered YouTube and created Pelvic Gaming!  An honest, detailed oriented, tell it like it is channel that not only focuses on Video game reviews but also the gaming industry itself.

Leading Pelvic Gaming and paving her way into the hearts of thousands Amber then created a comedic, charming and sometimes savage alter ego named Lady Pelvic that helps her broadcast media in her own unique style!

In April of 2014, Lady Pelvic lept into the scene and started hosting panels at local conventions, talking to others with the same interests and specifically started focusing on video games. Her dedication and drive has shown in her work as her number of subscribers increases every month!

Not only does Lady Pelvic provide high quality, professional, and entertaining content for her subscribers,  she also holds interactive broadcasts to hear from her audience and let them in on the fun to ask her questions! She’s also been recognized and received praise from fellow YouTube peers for her informative and entertaining panels at conventions!

This ultimately lead Pelvic Gaming to receive an invitation to the one and only gaming paradise, E3! (Electronic Entertainment Expo)

Lady Pelvic is excited and eager to meet LUMI-CONs guests and talk to you about everything nerd culture related!

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Panel Time & Location

10:00 PM: Friday – Panel Room 3 – Feat. Dookieshed!

3:00 PM : Saturday – Panel Room 2 – HORROR IN NON-HORROR VIDEO GAMES!

12:00 PM: Sunday Panel Room 2 – COMFORTING VIDEO GAMES!

Check out Lady Pelvics Youtube channel filled with content, Top 5s and reviews like this one based off her time with us last year here at LUMI-CON!