Panel room 3 qr

Welcome to our Panel Room 2 QR info guide!

Here you will find all the panel names, times and info for everything happening in Panel Room 2 over the convention weekend!


**2:00 PM – Voice Actor Welcome**

Join our Special VA Guests as they say hello to you at the start of the LUMI-CON weekend. They will introduce themselves and what they’ve been a part of and then tell you a little bit more about how they plan on spending their weekend with you!

**3:00 PM – Super Hallway RPG! W/ ConQuest Interactive**

Imagine yourself walking the hallways of Lumi-Con when, suddenly, a familiar battle song starts to play … Looks like you’ve triggered a random encounter with ConQuest!

Ally yourself with ready, willing (and usually random) adventurers and prepare for battle with the puppet-y monster. Could it be a Tonberry, a rogue Chocobo, or something else entirely?

In this real life, turn-based RPG, you’ll take turns choosing to attack your enemy or heal your allies. Use giant dice to determine the effectiveness of your attacks, but beware.. the wise-cracking monster might have a few tricks up their sleeves!

**5:30 – Meet Blake Shepard Panel**

Contributing to the anime world for over 10 years, Blake Shepard lends his vocal talents to ADV films, FUNimation, Seraphim digital, and Manga. A man of many talents, Blake Shepard has also provided the Anime Network with animations of his own. Hear funny stories about the things that go on behind the scenes. Explore the journey of a man lost on a long and winding road of torture, double-cross, death, intrigue and probably, murder.. that never actually happened.. but if it had.. it would have made a pretty awesome story……just sayin’! You can experience a bit of his talents watching shows such as:

Food Wars as Soma Yukihira, Darling in the Frankxx as Futoshi, ReLife as Kazuki, Angel Beats as Yuzuru Otonashi, Hakuouki as Souji Okita, Full Metal Panic as Leonard Testarossa, Dream Eater Merry as Yumeji Fujiwara, The Ambition of Oda Nobuna as Asai Nagimasa, Diabolik Lovers as Laito Sakamaki, Amnesia as Ikki, Campione as Godo Kusanagi, Penguindrum as Shoma Takakura, Inu X Boku Secret Service as Zange Natsume, Sacred Blacksmith as Luke Ainsworth, Dog & Scissors as Kazuhito Harumi, Tactics as Kantaro, Shin chan as Oliver Oliver, Shining Hearts as Rick, Arcana Famiglia as Liberta, Tamako Market as Inuyama, This Boy Can Fight Aliens! (OAV) as Kakashi, Maburaho as Kazuki Shikimori, Elfen Lied (OAV) as Kouta, Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East as Kaname Osaki, Hakuoki as Souji Okita , Gilgamesh as Tatsuya/Terumichi Madoka, Air Gear as Agito/Akito Wanijima, Halo Ledgends (segment “The Babysitter”) as O’Brien, Moeyo Ken TV as Ryuunosuke Sakamoto, Pumpkin Scissors as Martis, Shattered Angels as Jin Ogami, Xenosaga: The Animation as Allen Ridgeley, Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu as Fuwa, Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid as Leonard Testarossa, Guyver:The Bio Boosted Armor as Kobashi, Venus Versus Virus as Yoshiki Kusanagi, Ghost Stories as Keita, One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Attack on Titan and many more…

**7:30 – Darrel Guilbeau Panel (18+)**

Over 18 Panel hosted by voice actor Darrel Guilbeau. Five teams with a maximum 8 players per team will vie for the title of being the most horrible people at the con. Competing in the hilarious & offensive Cards Against Humanity. Three celebrity judges and or audience volunteers will choose from the team’s answers. The winning team will walk away with an official certificate declaring they are truly the most horrible people at the con.



**11:00 AM – Blake Shepard Panel**

Blake Shepard Voice Acting Panel: Practice auditioning for the shows you know and love. Flex your voice acting muscles in this panel for aspiring talent.

*Requirements: 1 Projector with HDMI or DVI compatibility 2 Microphones 1 microphone stand

Improv: Stretch your acting muscles to the point of implosion in this interactive panel on the thrills of improv. Learning how to hone these crucial acting muscles is a key component to any good voice actors versatility-arsenal!

**12:30 PM – MEET Ray Chase Q&A Panel**

**2:30 PM – Darrel Guilbeau Panel**

DURARARA!! PANEL: For fans and those who want to learn more about the popular anime. Darrel Guilbeau the voice of Mikado, will share his experiences of being a part of this anime, as well as behind the scenes info. This is an interactive panel, so bring your Durarara!! questions, opinions and cosplay. There will also be giveaways to a few lucky attendees!

**4:00 PM – Galley La! W/ ConQuest Interactive**

The Going Merry has sailed her last and the Straw Hat Pirates are looking for a new ship. But only the best ship will do for the future King of the Pirates!

That’s where you come in! Form a crew consisting of a Shipwright, Navigator, Historian, and Captain and use the secret ingredients given to build a worthy vessel!

Sign-ups will be conducted for teams wishing to compete. But audience participation is needed and highly encouraged!

This Game Hosted by ConQuest Interactive!

**5:00 PM – Sailor Scout Shuffle**

They fight evil by day and.. dance all night?! Join the Sailor Scouts as they dance their hearts out for you!

**7:00 PM – Magical Girl Doodle**

Relax, draw and listen to songs from your fav magical girl shows! Art supplies and coloring sheets provided. Dress as a magical girl to get a sticker!

**9:00 PM Shinobi School Parkour Laser tag**

Shinobi School – Tampa’s premier American Ninja Warrior/Aerials/Parkour Gym is proud to present to you: Glow in the Dark Parkour Laser Tag! Compete against fellow con-goers as you run, duck, vault, and chase your opponents through a glow in the dark battlefield filled with obstacles. Games start at 1 – $3 but bring your friends to maximize your savings at 2 – $5 or 5 – $10! Shinobi School will also be selling different snacks and drinks, as well as glow merchandise that can be used on the course and in the Lumi-Con raves! Come and be prepared to be GLOWN AWAYYYY!

11:00 PM – Terrible Fan Fic (18+ Don’t forget those ID’s)

We’ve all seen our fair share of terrible, hilarious, and just plain strange fanfiction in the deepest darkest bowels of the internet. Join us as we act out our favorites live onstage and read them in dramatic voices! Rated 18+ for lewdness and naughty language!



**11:00 AM – Create your own pokemon! W/ ConQuest Interactive**

Come and join ConQuest Interactive and design some new, super-weird, Pokemon!

First, everyone will submit a new Pokemon name. Then, everyone will receive a random type and name and be asked to create a brand-new Pokemon!

Finally, everyone will present their creations and demonstrate their distinct cry. Paper, crayons, etc will be provided, so bring your trainer skills and your imagination!

**12:00 PM Darrel Guilbeau Panel** 

This is your chance to ask voice actor Darrel Guilbeau all of your burning anime questions or just about anything else that comes to mind.
Learn the ins and outs of the acting and voice acting world. So come and be prepared to gain some knowledge of the life in the acting/voice acting biz and have fun while doing it.–

**2:00 PM – Blake Shepard Panel**  

Animation 101:

Blake Shepard is an animator who has produced original animated content for Major Networks and Productions. Ever wanted to make your own animation? In this class you will learn the fundamentals needed to bring your stories and characters to life! You don’t have to be an expert, just have a vision. Learn the tools you need to develop your ideas and prepare them for animation production.