Panel room 2 qr

Welcome to our Panel Room 2 QR info guide!

Here you will find all the panel names, times and info for everything happening in Panel Room 2 over the convention weekend!


**3:00 PM – Bendy Studio** 

A showcase of 2D platforming game named Floating Wonderland, as well as a general talk about developing indie games, and working as a solo woman in the indie development scene.

**4:00 PM – VG I hate; You love! w/Pelvic Gaming**

We’re gonna break the ice real quick and rage about popular games we hate, that we don’t understand why the populous loves! Try and convince your host, up and coming Youtube Star Lady Pelvic! And vice versa, share what games you hate but everyone loves! It’s gonna be an open firestorm! Can you defend your game? Can you change mind?

**5:00 PM – Allied Shinobi Jounin Exams!**

The Shinobi Alliance lives on in a time of peace and prosperity, for the most part. The great Kage of every nation works tirelessly to maintain our hard-earned peace in the current era. Still, our ninja must maintain the prowess to mobilize should their village call for them so they may protect their way of life.

Chunin across the Shinobi World gather annually to put their skill on the line expressing through combat, and knowledge, what sets them apart from other ninjas in their village.

It is in this event that certain Chunin are chosen to advance to the rank of Jounin, separating them from the rest of their colleagues. Battle rival ninja from other villages and compete against your peers in a scavenger hunt, and scout for targets in our bingo book. Only the most skilled Shinobi will succeed,

will it be you?

First Exam:  Written Exam 

Official Rules:

This first Exam will test your mental ability, a traditional judgment of knowledge-based off what you know so far of the ninja world. We can not explain much of this exam as we need to keep it secret.

If you were to find out even a single clue the entire test may become null and void, so we will leave it at that.

You must complete the first exam in order to make it into the second.


**6:00 PM – Ugur’s Q&A Panel** 

Come out and meet the legendary up and coming Smash 4 Pro, Ugur! Come out with the smash community, ask some questions, get your controller signed and meet one of the best Sheik players in our region!

**7:00 PM – Cosplay Inclusivity – It’s Yoru** 

Join our out of state cosplay guest as he talks about what Cosplay has meant to him, how it has inspired him to reach out into our community to embrace everyone and how he intends to keep spreading the word that Cosplay is for everyone!

**8:00 PM Sleepy Hero Academia** 

Good evening students looks like with your current grades night classes were the only option. Thankfully with all of your dorms here on campus thus makes teaching easier. Q&A/ Trivia panel involving MHA.

**10:00 PM- Corrupt a wish** 

You have the power to grant someone else’s wish, and to have your own granted. Be a fairy godparent without a rule book. Have you ever wanted something to happen, but did not receive exactly what you expected? Did a dream become reality, and have an unfortunate consequence? Have you been disappointed with a gift? There are winners or losers in this game. This is a chance to grant other peoples silly wishes with a clever humorous twist. Be careful what you wish for!

**11:00 PM – 18 and up Midnight run (18+)** 



**10:00 AM – Sleepy Mountain Town** 

Come join the kids of South Park ,Colorado as they wake up from one hell of a sleep over for a hour of trivia and Q&A.

**11:00 AM – Dowen the Rabbit hole** 

A casual Q&A between attendees and Jenny Elaine Cosplay for idea-forning and discussing techniques for creating cosplay costumes and props.

**12:00 PM – Learn to Make Armor** 

Are you interested in learning how to make cosplay armor out of Worbla or EVA foam? Come and learn the basics of Cosplay armor through this classroom style panel. You’ll be making your own cosplay armor in no time.

**1:00 PM – Face the music w/Pelvic Gaming**

Team up with your friends against others to see who can guess that Boss battle music! Hope you play a variety of games, because there will be all sorts of music! From classic themes we grew up with, to newer sounds! Test your knowledge of boss themes with your host Lady Pelvic!

**2:00 PM- Final Fantasy Ball Dance Panel** 

Come learn the basics of dance with The Final Fantasy Ball! We’ll teach you everything to need to get started on our dance floor as well as some of the interactive dances we’ll be using for the evening including The dance that made the ball famous Waltz for the moon!

**3:00 PM – Sailor Moon Compact**  

Choose a compact, fill it with a custom (all natural) scent & shimmering color that you can use as a solid perfume, lip gloss or check tint.


**5:00 PM – Allied Shinobi Exams pt 2**

Second Exam: One on One trails 

Official Rules

This exam portion will pit you against other village ninjas or even your own teammates. It’s a test of skill to see how well you fair in physical and strategic battle situations.

  1. This is an honor-based system. If you are caught cheating, you will be displaced from the arena.
  2. Shots to the torso will be counted as “death”. You die, you lose.
  3. If struck in the arm, place that arm behind your back. That arm is unusable until you “die”, and will be available to you in the next round.
  4. If struck in the leg, drop to one knee. You must stay on that knee until you “die”. Your leg will be available to use next round.
  5. NO HEADSHOTS!!!!!!! YOU WILL BE DISPLACED. This rule also counts for the neck.
  6. If a foot in the ground is struck, that attack does no damage.
  7. If a hand holding a weapon is struck, that attack does no damage.
  8. Three rounds determine a match.
  9. Best of three wins the match.
  10. Winner of the tournament earns a tournament-legal sword and their team the rank of Jounin.


**6:00 PM – 1-As Halloween Festival**

It’s that time of year again! UA is having their Halloween Festival! Join some students of 1-A as they host their class’s chosen specialty, including character games and Q&A!

**9:00 PM – Whose line?** 

An improv comedy show where every willing contestant can be involved in a series of improv games based from the show, Whose Line is it anyway?

**11:00 PM  Final Fantasy Battle Royale w/ JJ Lugo** 

It’s time to settle a great debate among all Final Fantasy fans… What is the best Final Fantasy game ever? Is it the story of everyone’s favorite Buster Sword Wielding Hero? The game about a guy and his Chocobo? The game about a group called SEED? Or is it the one that includes Blitzball? Everyone in the audience will help debate, make their case, and ultimately decide which Final Fantasy game is the best that Square Enix has ever released. Come ready to show your fandom, represent your favorite game with your cosplay, and hopefully prove once and for all which Final Fantasy is the greatest of all time.


 Join WHEREDAWAIFU and members of his team on a crash course of the history of waifu and it’s evolution, then participate in a debate-style format on who’s waifu is the best of them all! 18+ Prizes awarded to debaters who participate in WAIFU WARS, and attendees who provide subject matter material by bringing their waifus, whether it be in dakimura, bishoujo figurines, cosplay, or print format!



**11:00 AM – How to Review w/JJ LUGO**

Video game reviews are a big deal to everyone who loves games. But how do the pros make reviews for big outlets like IGN? Why is it that some reviews are negative and others more positive? Whether you’re curious about how the pros do it, or want to learn how to make a game review yourself, you’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to know about game reviews. Senior Editor of The Koalition and IGN Freelancer Jakejames Lugo gives a full breakdown on how the biggest outlets in the industry make their gaming reviews, as well as give you tips on how to make your own game reviews.

**12:00 PM – Chris Lazcano State Cosplay Guest** 

Meet LUMI-CONS First State Cosplay Guest as he explains what cosplay means to him, his journey thus far and what goals he plans to work towards next!

**1:00 PM – Depression & Con life**

Join our speaker as they discuss the ups and downs associated in our convention world and why sometimes it’s ok to feel the way we do. Hear some of their own personal stories and ways they have learned to help others cope in our community. You won’t be asked to share anything, but more so listen and understand you are never alone.

**3:00 PM – A fantastic panel and where to find it**

Newt Scamander is back this November. Iron your robes and join us for the latest news and speculation as well as an in-depth look at all things Magical and Muggle.