Panel room 1 qr

Welcome to our Panel Room 1 QR info guide!

Here you will find all the panel names, times and info for everything happening in Panel Room 1 over the convention weekend!


2:00 PM – Pokemon Tournament 

Greetings trainers and welcome to The Pokémon Star League. It will be a two-day event where trainers will gather and compete to become the best. Do you have what it takes to be the best? Enter and find out.

4:00 PM – Improv Grammer 

Welcome to Improv Your Grammar. Do you like to make tongue twisters?Are puns hilarious? Do you know your grammar well enough?Join us to improv grammatically correct tongue twisters and sentences. We hope we will make you laugh. Use your words; The pen is mightier than the sword. Don’t miss your chance to play. One of the best prizes of all is knowledge.

6:00 PM – Terrible Fanfic DRT 

We’ve all seen our fair share of terrible, hilarious, and just plain strange fanfiction in the deepest darkest bowels of the internet. Join us as we act out our favorites live onstage and read them in dramatic voices! Rated PG-13 for the questionable butchering of the English language that might not be suitable for young ears.

7:00 PM – Upcycling for Cosplay! 

You have more materials for your next cosplay than you know! Join It’s Mur for a fun panel about making stuff with other stuff, and making the most of impractical materials. Cosplay can be thrifty, fun, and eco-friendly if you just know where to look!

8:00 PM – Whose Line 

An improv comedy show where participants are the improvors as I give them certain actions to bring out their inner improv comedian.

9:00 PM – Devilman Crybaby

A product of its time, Devilman warned us of the horrors of war and violence in the height of the cold war. The cycle of pain and death repeat in the modern adaptation, Devilman Crybaby; which tackles mob mentality, hero worship, and power through fear. Join It’s Mur in an exploration of the social commentary in Devilman Crybaby as it critiques and crucifies modern society. Devilman Crybaby’s themes are loud, in your face, and pull no punches in reminding us that the real devils are human after all.

11:00 PM – Mad Fan Libs (Rated R)

Rated R. Use your words! It’s an [adjective] hour of fun and [noun] as we fill in fandom-based stories’ blanks with questionable vocabulary choices. Will it be romantic BL fanfic? Most likely. Will it be a panel-original OC adventure? Could be! That depends on you! So bring your [noun] and lack of [adj] judgment and join us for a panel that’s sure to be [adjective].



10:00 AM – Carrers in gaming

With around 7 years professional experience writing, video making, and talking about video games, Jakejames Lugo has become an intricate part of the gaming industry. From covering the biggest gaming events around the United States, to interviewing major celebrities and industry personalities, and publishing content on some of the biggest outlets around the industry; Jakejames continues to make a big impact within gaming on many different fronts. But how did this happen, and how can someone look to create their own path building a career talking about video games? Join the panel to get all the details, helpful tips and secrets, and more from Jakejames himself. Anyone looking to get into gaming as a career won’t want to miss this!

11:00 AM – Sewing Basics 

So you want to sew, but don’t know where to start? This panel is for you! Learn about tools and tips to sew buttons, hand-stitch and more in this interactive workshop.

12:00 PM – The Keyblade War 

The Kayblade war is coming, and we have to be ready. Join your fellow dandelions in the fight against darkness. Build your own keyblade and put it to the test against the heartless and your fellow wielders, the fate of Kingdom Hearts is in your hands. *All materials will be provided and all keyblade made out of Cardboard*

2:00 PM – Working Costumes 

From cosplaying as a hobby to working in the costuming industry. How to go about it and what to expect.

4:00 PM – Meet Pixel Doll

Meet Pixel Doll Cosplay! LUMI-CONS CFS contest winner as she talks about her time in the industry as well as shares some of her stories on how she’s captured so much attention doing what she loves.

5:00 PM – Geekapella 

Join Orlando-based nerdy a cappella group Geekapella for an hour of song, dance, cosplay, games and geek-themed entertainment. Performing songs from your favorite fandoms, Geekapella concerts are fun for all ages! Audience interaction highly encouraged but not at all required.

7:00 PM – Racism in Cosplay

The Raven’s Flock is coming to Lumi-Con! Join the motley crew of nerds seeking to speak the truth about the geek convention community as we tackle the continuous blemish of racism plaguing the cosplay community. Join in the discussion & be part of a LIVE STREAM episode of “The Raven’s Flock” on YouTube!

8:00 PM – Yuri on Ice Cream 

9:00 PM – South Park Monologues  

South Park is a funny place, full of weird things that happen every day. This is a chance for people to get an inner perspective on how weird it can really get for those that live there.

10:00 PM- Destiny Island Disney Trivia 

11:00 PM – A short history of the Fandomverse (Rated R)

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Anime have never been more mainstream, but few people actually know about the journey from isolated book clubs to massive Conventions. Join Fandom Historian Nienna Nir for the wild tales that took Geek from being a four-letter world to putting the ‘Popular’ in Pop Culture.


10:00 AM – Costume contest Pre Judging 

12:00 PM – Crunchyroll Anime Viewing room

Take Control of the roll! We’ll set up the service you pick what you want to watch with your friends in our own convention style viewing party!