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Did you know that by purchasing a LUMI-CON pass you’re making a difference in someone’s life?

Our total reached for Project Lumi  2017 was $535 through raffles, donations and pre-ticket sales, let’s see if we can beat that number together this year!

Project LUMI is already off to a great start and now we’ve created a way for you to keep track of the light you spread!

There is also still plenty of time to nominate an individual who you feel deserves and needs a little help this year no matter big or small.

To track Project Lumis donations so far, head on over to our Project Lumi 2018 page, then help us make things brighter by buying your tickets today! 

Interactive Events Update


At this time we would like to announce that our Season Pass game show and Boruto Interactive event will be postponed until the following year in order to restructure and make them something truly worthy of your involvement.

We apologize for any inconvenience but we still have plenty of Ninja action planned as a new group has stepped up to offer The Allied Shinobi Jounin exams for you to look forward to during our convention weekend!

Stay tuned and follow our Facebook event as we bring you more details!

The Anime Gatsby- Swing Dance

The Green Light Final

As we mentioned before, we’ve begun creating new events based on suggestions gathered from our guests. One that is constantly mentioned over time is a themed swing dance party!

So we’re giving you the kind of party you deserve but not just any party,

A Gatsby Party!

This year’s we’re combining F. Scott Fitzgeralds classic tale with an Electro Swing twist.

Come and lose yourself in a night of music, emotion, dancing, performances pieces, live acrobatics and an experience like no other.

To learn more about our Themed Fusion Party: The Anime Gatsby head on over to our Main Events tab to find out more information.

Rave In Rapture*New Features added*

Save as you rave banner

We’re getting inventive with our fans choice rave and it looks like it’s going to be a night to remember!

Will you save the little sisters? Or harvest them instead?

Their fate lies in your hands as you take turns in our Save as you Rave feature!

We’ve even added a live aerialist who will perform for you through the night in cosplay!

Would you kindly head over to our Main Events tab and read the updates on our Rave of Choice page for more details!

Cards Against Our Sanity!

CAOS Announcment Banner

That’s right— since 2017, Kronotiq Media’s “Cons Against Our Sanity” has been sweeping the convention circuit by storm!

What, you haven’t played it yet!?
Then make sure to stop by LUMI-CON’s Table Top Room, as they will be hosting Learn to Plays during our convention weekend!

Wanna know more about Kronotiq Media, LLC and Cons Against Our Sanity?

Head on over to their featured page in our Tabletop tab and check out what they are up to, then follow them on social media!

Movie Meet ups and more!

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes! Meet up!


Do you live in the Tampa Bay area?

Do you like Movies?

Do you like My Hero Academia?

Then head on over to our Final Fantasy Picnic and Cosplay Gathering page to join the discussion as we lock our eyes on the up and coming adventures of the students of UA!

We’ll pick a theater that’s showing it, set a date that works for everyone and then head to the movies to cheer on our heroes and scream PLUS ULTRA so loud the other theaters will shake!

Florida Cosplay Guest – IT’S MUR!

Announcment FCG Mur 2

LUMI-CON is proud to announce an extremely talented individual as our very first Florida Cosplay Guest!

This cosplayer has poured their dedication into their craft behind the scenes as well as fight the good fight on the forefront. They have been a driving force in our community for inclusiveness and diversity, and honestly believes that Cosplay Is for Everyone!

It’s MUR!

Head on over to our Florida Guests tab to find out more about MUR and then follow them on social media!