LUMI-CON is excited to welcome “CHIEFY CREATES” as our 2019 Florida Division Guest!

“Chiefy Creates” is a Florida based cosplayer. who has been cosplaying since 2003!

She has won numerous awards and participated in multiple costume contests!

Over the past couple years she has been pouring her dedication, talent and skills in creating costumes and props for cosplayers and media!

To learn more about our Florida Cosplay Guest head on over to our GUESTS PAGE

LUMI Sponsored Twitch Streams!


Our gaming community is ever growing and we want to start highlighting all the awesome Twitch streamers in our state who are working hard at entertaining the world with their skills!

Are you a Twitch streamer? Do you like free games?

How about some snacks and drinks?  How about earning a few more subscribers?

If you answered yes to all these, then this new feature may be for you!

Join us as we kick off our very first sponsored stream with our LUMI-CON invitational Smash bros champion HEROES LEGACY ZF!

FRIDAY 13th 2019 at 7:30 PM!


Paragon LARP Joins LUMI-CON 2019!

Paragon LARP banner

Joining in on all the fun this year comes an outdoor experience transformed and brought indoors to introduce you to the magic that is LARP.

Setting a scenario for a fully interactive environment Paragon LARP looks to entertain whether your a veteran of old or just curious what it’s all about!

Join in on the adventure and play along with these talented performers or test your might in their battle arena beating your friends in the boffer area!

There’s something for everyone in this adventure!

For more information on this event head on over to our INTERACTIVE PAGE and find out more about Paragon Larp!

They are here! STP at Lumi!

STP Cover

Bringing the fight and love of a series to our LUMI-CON Hallways, we have cleared for landing and recruitment Spartan Team Purple!

Join these Halo enthusiasts as they have taken their love of a series and transformed it into a force for non profit goodness!

Spartan Team purple will be joining us all weekend long so make sure to stop by and talk, take a photo and view some of their amazing props and armor!

(We’re sorry but at this time due to safety reasons you  may not hold the needler without proper training)  

To learn more about Spartan Team Purple head on over to our INDUSTRY GUESTS section to find out more info!  


Star pop Uta Pri contest

Are you excited for our new event Star Pop! Live?

So are we and to celebrate we want to take you (and a friend of your choice) to see the new UTA NO PRINCE SAMA MOVIE: MAJI LOVE KINGDOM as it debuts in theaters!

LUMI-CON is looking to take 6 lucky people to the Tampa Studio Movie Grill September 24th for this Idol celebration and limited theatrical release! Brought to you with 5.1 Dolby surround sound and some of the greatest animation visuals only the silver screen can contain!

How can you enter this contest?

Head on over to our FACEBOOK PAGE to find out!

Musical Guest! Rhythm Bastard – One Night Only!

Rythm Bastard Announce Final

Are you ready to rock?!

This passionate musician has performed in countless venues sharing his love of punk rock and nerd culture fused into an amazing sound he loves to share with audiences!

Armed with only 6 strings, a laptop and his wits, this talented individual has created numerous songs based on everything pop culture has to throw at us.

Join him in this one night only special event to find out why it’s not just a concert but an opportunity to become a part of the Rhythm Bastard Experience!

For more information on RB’s One night only head on over to our GUESTS page to find out more!


MyRave CostumeContest


Love My Hero Academia?
Looking to make your big debut?
Don’t know where to get started?

Then look no further as LUMI-CON is giving you the chance to win the hearts of its citizens!

The all new Citizen Rave is here for you to show off those quirks and introduce you to the world!
Don’t delay, deadline for entries is October 5th, 2019!

For more info on our new citizens rave contest head over to our MAIN EVENTS page!