Chris Lazcano – State Cosplay Guest

Chris Lazcano Announce

Chris Lazcano AKA  ItsYoru

Born in San Felipe Chile Chris began cosplaying in 2011 and started taking it seriously in early 2016. His first cosplay was a casual Grimmjow jeagerjaques from the Bleach series at Anime Boston.  He then attended more conventions and started to diversify his cosplays as well!

He’s cosplayed characters such as  Noctis Lucis Caelum from his early Versus 13 designs to Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil series. As a Cosplayer he has made new friends,  lasting bonds, and is just happy to be something out of the norm. Little did he know, cosplay would become then become his passion. Whenever he hits a rough patch, he uses the bonds and friendships he’s created via the cosplay community to help him back on his feet. He draws inspiration for his cosplay from different media he enjoys, such as anime, video games, and comics. He loves Final Fantasy and waited 10 years to play his favorite title in the series, FFXV. Outside of Cosplay, he’s an avid soccer fan, T-shirt collector, fashion lover and an Avocado aficionado!

He’s has expressed great excitement to meet everyone at Lumi-con and to be part of the atmosphere!

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Photo Credits:

Burning & Warpstrike Nyx- Erik Paredes Productions 
Shirtless Noctis- Aerlinn Cosplay 
Older Noctis with ring- Parker’s Photography