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Are you looking for a chance to share your talents? Want to earn a free weekend stay at LUMI-CON 2022?

Have you ever wanted to show the world the things you’ve been creating ? Then LUMI-CON’s stage is waiting for you!  We’ve heard your feedback and have decided to expanded our entry submissions to include dance, music and performance pieces! So regardless what you have to share we want to see what you are putting together and give you the opportunity to share it with our audience!

 You’ll have six minutes to set the stage, perform your scene, and vacate the stage of all of your props, set pieces, and anything else you brought with you.  So, remember to keep it short and sweet. The panel of judges will be made up of three experienced and individuals with performance backgrounds, who will be available not only to score you but to help you learn and improve.  Bring us your comedy, bring us your drama, bring us your song and dance, bring us your lights, camera, ACTION!

There will only be 10 spots available for this competition on a first come first served basis. (Additional entries will be added to wait list) 

PRIZES: The following prizes will be awarded

Best in Show:

  • 2021 One Act Anime Award 
  • 2 Night hotel stay in 2022 and Weekend passes for everyone in group
  • Invitation to return to defend your title the following year
  • Vendor/Sponsor Swag

Runner up: 

  • Weekend passes for everyone in group
  • Vendor/Sponsor Swag 

Do you have what it takes to be the next LUMI-CON OAA champions? Curious as to what won our competition before?

Check out our 2019 OAA CHAMPIONS CHRIS & TOM on their page here!



  1. One Act Anime is a convention event to perform theater or a specialized skit performance.
  2. Every individual wishing to enter One Act Anime must notify LUMI-CON of participation by completing our online form listed below before the entry deadline of September 1st, 2021.
  3. Winners will be determined at LUMI-CON after performing in front of our 3 judges.
  4. The One Act Anime coordinator can be contacted at (
  5. Trophies and or individual medals will be awarded to all Winners
  6. Three judges will be selected based on experience, knowledge, and accomplishments.
  7. On the day of the contest, judges shall avoid contact with performers until after winners are announced.
  8. Judges shall hold all score sheets until all presentations have been completed.
  9. All outcomes are final as deemed by judges.
  10. Any harassment of participants, judges, staff what so ever will result in disqualification of future participation.
  11. A pre-registered LUMI-CON week pass or greater is required by all contestants for participation. (Purchase LUMI-CON Passes here)

Contest Rules:

  1. Individuals may choose to enter a singing, Dancing, Acting, Comedic piece of their choosing from any fandom or an submit an original piece.
  2. Each performance will be responsible for their own audio and video clips needed for performance.
  3. Each individual is responsible for their own props, costumes, and make-up.
  4. Each performance will be responsible for communicating up to (4) lighting, (1) Video and (3) sound effects cues
  5. Each performance will require (1) individual to assist tech in calling cues.  You cannot just give our tech crew a list of your cues; we require someone from your group to be in the booth with us.  This tech adviser will not be controlling any lighting themselves, but instead will be advising our tech crew on when to execute certain cues.
  6. Each performance will be limited to the 16ftx20ft space of the stage.  Due to safety concerns, we cannot allow performances to extend into the aisle, into the audience, or the sides or back of the room.  No more than four performers will be allowed on stage at any given time. A form will be made available at the event that all individuals must sign before you may use the stage.
  7. Each performance can include two stagehands, who may enter the stage for setup and breakdown of set pieces, assist performers on and off stage, and briefly enter the stage during the performance for removal of props, movement of set pieces, etc.
  8. Each performance will be given 6 minutes to set-up, perform, and take-down its presentation. The official time will be kept by an assigned timekeeper. The timekeeper will record times and provide them to the lead judge at the end of the competition after all the judges have completed scoring the plays. Any school that exceeds its time allotment will be penalized per judge.
  9. As is with LUMI-CON as a whole, we will not allow any propaganda, gestures, language, imagery, or signage that promotes hated or bigotry in One Act Anime.  We have zero tolerance for any hateful acts, even “as a joke”.
  10. Only set pieces (free standing) may be used.

(a) Performers are not to use EXCESSIVELY LARGE or COMPLICATED set pieces that take a long time to unload and assemble, etc. This is an acting competition – not a set competition. Keep sets simple and limited to only what is necessary for your scene, as you will not be judged on them beyond an overall “presentation” score that includes your costuming and other props.

(b) The time used to set-up and take-down set pieces is counted in the time of the presentation. Any debris must be swept up and confetti is prohibited.

(c) No part of any setting may be attached to any part of the stage, curtains, draperies, or other existing equipment.

(d) Safety is our top priority, and as such, we may not have room to store all set pieces backstage for all performances.  In the event that your set piece will need to be kept in a public space (in main events at the back of the room, etc) until it’s time for your performance, please bring any materials you’ll need if you want to cover the set pieces.  While secrecy isn’t required, we understand if you want to wait to ‘wow” people on the stage, but LUMI-CON cannot provide sheets, tarps, or any other methods of hiding your work.

11: No flame of any type can be used, including candles. Real weapons of any kind, such as a sword or knife, etc., cannot be used.  No liquids, or small particles (sand, loose glitter, etc).

12: Contestants are to be announced in the order of appearance or the by the performance title.

13: Only eligible performers are allowed on stage during the performance.  While stagehands are permitted, they must be listed in your application sheet.  You may not bring up random audience members.

14: If you choose to use hand-held mics, please understand that an intentional “mic drop” is grounds for immediate disqualification.  Please be respectful of our equipment!

ONE ACT ANIME submissions will go live June 1st 2021!

For further questions, suggestions, information please contact the LUMI-CON Contest Coordinator at