Magic The Gathering Tournament

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Magic The Gathering Tournament

Welcome to our tournament page for a game that no convention tournament should be without, Magic tournament the gathering!

We’re starting out pretty simple this year with a Standard tournament format to build up into more in the future, check out our info below and see how you can get in on the action at LUMI-CON!

Magic the gathering Rules:

You must bring your own deck.

Tournament style: Commander (See link below for official rules)

Deck count: deck should be 100 cards (No more or less)

Deck type: Singleton deck only (No duplicates)

Banned cards: Standard commander ban list (See link below for those affected)

Tournament buy-in: Entry fee is $10 for each player



1st place: Winner will receive the pot and prizes!

Runner-up will receive a LUMI-CON 2019 weekend pass and prizes!