Savingd plan


At LUMI-CON we understand passes can be an expensive cost and sometimes it may be hard to pull the funds together through the year.

There are lots of things our money needs to go towards and LUMI doesn’t ever want to make you choose between our event and something important you may need, but we also don’t want you to miss out on our event!

So our team put our heads together and created the LUMI-CON Savings Plan Pass!

This option will allow you to put funds slowly towards a LUMI-CON Teir 2 Pass ($40) at your own pace during the 2019 year!

Whether you choose to pay slowly over the next 5 months or off in a few weeks this plan was designed to give you the freedom you need now so you can come join in the fun later without worry!

This is how it works: 

You may pay any dollar amount using our online payment program reaching the $40 goal, once you hit your goal you are set!

So you can pay:

  • $1 for 40 days
  • $5 for 8 weeks
  • or $10 for 4 months

or any combination you want so you can secure your place at Tampa’s Halloween themed convention experience LUMI-CON!

At LUMI-CON we always want to make attending our event as easy and comfortable as possible, so we hope this option can relieves a little pressure along the way and do just that for you. If this option is received well we will look to add more pass types!

Saving now

*This Pass is not eligible for refunds, all funds collected must be used towards LUMI-CON pass options or merchandise.

*Savings may be transferred or rolled over to following year event if unused.

*E-mail confirmations will be sent upon each payment to keep you on track and reaching your pass goal.

*If for some reason you don’t meet your goal by the closing date you can simply pay any remaining balance at the event!

*After 7/31/2019 this offer will close and we will no longer accept new applicants

*At this time only LUMI-CON Tier (2) 3-Day passes are available in this program. Passes may be upgraded at event if available.

For any questions regarding this Savings Plan please contact our team at