Street Fighter 5 Invitational Champion 2018 – JACQUE

LUMI-CON is dedicated to taking our challengers and champions to the next level! That means hailing it’s winners for their victory’s and paving the way for their challengers ahead!

In the coming months you will train in combos and practice all your special moves and strategies on your way to the tournaments.

Our Street Fighter 5 Invitational Champion Jacque comes from Tampa FL and not only won the SF5 Invitational but several standard tournaments while he was in attendance.  (Cap vs snk 2, Injustice 2, Naruto ninja storm 4). His victory’s earned him not only the recognition as a champion but also some amazing loot as Jacque earned close to $200 with his combined tournament wins!

Jacque had an amazing time at the event and loves to play all kinds of fighting games. He enjoyed and welcomed the competition of each round. He considers himself a simple guy who enters tournaments to test his own might and looks forward to everyone coming to LUMI-CON 2019!

Here is some info about our Street Fighter 5 Invitational winner and who you look to challenge as the final boss at LUMI-CON 2019!

Invitational winner SF5