Smash Bros 4 Invitational Champion 2018 – HeroesLegacy

LUMI-CON is dedicated to taking our challengers and champions to the next level! That means hailing it’s winners for their victory’s and paving the way for their challengers ahead!

In the coming months you will train in combos and practice all your special moves and strategies on your way to the tournaments.

Our Smash 4 Invitational Champion Mark comes from Orlando FL and is no stranger to competitions, He attended the E3 demo of Smash 4 and walked away with a first place win!

Invitational winner SF5.jpg

At LUMI-CON 2018 he ran through the competition ending each match with a smile and handshake to show what good sportsmanship is all about! After his invitational win with Roy from the Fire emblem series he took the champions medal received and had it personally signed by Ray Chase for the voice of Roy in Fire Emblem!

Mark looks forward to your challenges and hopes you’ll follow him on twitch and even challenge him online!

Here is some info about our SMASH 4 Invitational winner and who you look to challenge as the final boss at LUMI-CON 2019!


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