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LUMI-CON and SEADS LAN are teaming up to bring you an amazing first-year game room called STARCADE!

We’re filling up our game room with multiple systems, copies of all the hottest games on the market and a fully functional Lan based environment with games such as League of Legends, Halo, Unreal Tournament.**Overwatch and **Fortnite! 

We will be offering free play times all through the day as well as standard tournaments and a new feature called the LUMI-CON INVITATIONAL  for those serious about their gaming tournaments!

Our staff is compiling a variety of tournaments for everyone to compete in, but we want to make this room your room so join our STARCADE Facebook page to make suggestions, vote in polls and help us make our game room better! 

Starcade facebook

Bring your good sportsmanship and prepare to have fun creating new friends and rivals!

Official rules and games can be found on our tournaments page, Times will vary, please check back for details!


SEADS will also be hosting some Lan based gaming in the form of:

  • Unreal Tournament
  • Neverwinter Nights, Neverwinter Nights 2
  • Icewind Dale I and II
  • HALO (most expansions)
  • Star Wars Battlefront I and II
  • Battlefield 2 (and other expansions)
  • The Sims 2 and 3 (with expansions)
  • Doom 3
  • Quake 2-4
  • Vampire: The Masquerade
  • Resident Evil 2-5
  • Myst, Riven, and Myst 3
  • SimCity 4 Deluxe
  • StarCraft I/II/Broodwar
  • Baldur’s Gate (On limited systems)
  • Call of Duty 2-4
  • World of Warcraft (Users can use their own accounts)
  • Overwatch (on limited systems—users use their own accounts)
  • League of Legends
  • Fortnite (Available on limited Pc’s)


PC tournament info coming soon!

Stay tuned as we have some interesting tournaments coming your way!


LUMI-CON Game Master Challenge!

At LUMI-CON we believe we have placed some of the best people in their positions to not only bring you a fun filled weekend but also make sure that every hour you spend with us is an amazing memory!

All weekend long our LUMI-CON GAME MASTERS will be dropping special challenges for you and friends to try and beat! It could be getting a high score at a game station, it could be beating them in a fighting game or…well we’ll just let you stop by the game room and see what they have in store! But If you can beat them they may drop some interesting prizes along the way!



SEADS LAN has been providing quality and dependable PC and console gaming equipment for many years in our community so it’s no question that LUMI-CON would want to bring them on to help make our game room better for everyone! 

Not only do they supply a gaming equipment atmosphere like no other they go above and beyond with decorations and a projector playing some of today’s hottest AMV’s to keep the room colorful and filled with music to enjoy! 

SEADS will also be supplying gamers with the amazing BAWLZ energy drink so make sure to bring some cash to grab a few!  

To find out more about SEADS LAN visit their website here! 

Additional tournament systems provided by LUMI-CON affiliates and staff.

** Some games limited to individual PCs

Are you another event that wants to partner with LUMI-CON working together to creating championship tournaments in the convention community? Then reach out and contact us for details!

If you have any comment or questions please contact our game room coordinator at for anything you may need!