Lumi gameroom title photo


LUMI-CON  is back with the STARCADE!

Once again we’re filling up our game room with multiple systems, copies of all the latest games and hosting a competitive yet friendly tournament environment!

We will be offering free play times all through the day as well as standard and LUMI-CON INVITATIONAL tournaments for those serious about their gaming experience!

This year the Starcade is brought to you by RESO of Tampa Bay!

Not only will they be helping with our tournaments but also bringing a gaming decathlon room for those ready for a challenge!

Our staff is compiling a variety of tournaments for everyone to compete in, but we want to make this room your room so join our LUMI-CON Facebook page to make suggestions on games, vote in polls and help us make the STARCADE better! 

Bring your good sportsmanship and prepare to have fun creating new friends and rivals!

Official rules and games can be found on our TOURNAMENT PAGE, Times will vary, please check back for details!

If you have any comment or questions please contact our game room coordinator at LUMICON GAMING for anything you may need!