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Interested in opportunities to work with a local event and give back to your community?

Conventions take a lot of hard work and we can’t do this alone. We are looking for dedicated individuals who have a drive to create and sustain a fun, safe and all inclusive environment everyone can enjoy!

At the beginning of each year we will post and announce positions available within our staff in this section of our page.

It is our wish to educate, train and teach others everything we have learned over the many years in hopes they will do the same moving forward. From Volunteers to Show Directors to Convention Leads we want to help everyone achieve their full potentials and see how bright we all can shine together.

Current positions as of 1/20/19

  • Assistant to Convention Directors

          – Assist 1 of 3 convention directors with basic to advanced planing, Ops support,                             overseeing department before and during LUMI-CON weekends.

  • Assistant to Media Lead

         – Assist with Media team member scheduling, photo shoots planing, Photography and convention media acquisition.

  • Panel Room Lead 

         – Data collection and scheduling of guests, attendee and specialty panels before and during LUMI-CON weekend. Communicating closely with Panelists ensuring their success.

  • Assistant to Panel Room Lead

         – Assisting Panel Lead in scheduling and communication needs, coverage of floor alternating shifts and room preparation.

  • Artist Alley Lead 

         –  Data Collection and organisation of Artist placements, scheduling and communication through out the year and duration of LUMI-CON weekend.

  • Starcade Lead 

         – Preparation of Starcade layout, tournament structures, scheduling and social media page updates & polls.

  • Starcade Team Member

         – Assisting Starcade Lead with planning, title acquisition, tournament runs, department operations before and during LUMI-CON weekends.

  • Guest Liaison Support

         – Assigned to Special guest for support, air port pickups/drop offs, assist Lead with scheduling panels/signings, daily support for during convention weekend.

  • Registration Team Member 

        – Register operation, day of ticket sales, Packet assembly, Answering attendee questions, Customer service

  • Table Top Team Member 

        – Assigned shifts to Table top during hours of operation, Running games, room set up, tournament support, meeting needs of table top patrons.


If any of these opportunity’s sound like something you would like to assist with please click on the image below to be taken to our application page and fill it out.

All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

staff application

We look forward to hearing from you and wish all applicants the best of luck!

For any question about these staff positions please send us an E-mail here.