ConQuest – Super Hallway RPG! – Tactics

Super hallway rpg Tactics

Super Hallway RPG-Tactics

Saturday 3:00 PM Panel Room 3 

The ever popular Super Hallway RPG is back! But this time, with Tactics? Grid based fighting comes to life in this new adventure. Work together with your team to overcome the darkness or cast a dark shadow on the realm of light.

How to Play:
The goal for each team is to get their chalice to opposite side of the grid
The players other than the Chalice Holder can attack (using dice rolls) each other. Each player has 10 hit points and if they are attacked, they remove the hit points from their counter (whiteboard). A player that run out of HP is removed from the field.

Starting from the left, a fighter may move up to 2 spaces per turn in cardinal directions.
Each turn of a fighter consists of an movement phase and an attack phase.
The attacking fighter rolls the dice to determine the damage done to the player they are attacking.
The chalice holder for each team may move one space at a time and my not attack while holding the chalice.

Rules of note:
If a Chalice Holder dies, the chalice stays on the spot the holder died on, the opposite team may not step on this square.
A Chalice Holder can use their turn to set down the chalice and become an attacker on their next turn.
A fighter’s turn consists of moving once and attacking once.
If a fighter decides to pick up their teams’ dropped chalice, it replaces the use of “attack” on their turn

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