Hokage Missions!

Event Name: Challenge Accepted!! The Hokage “S” Rank Missions!

Duration: Weekend (Fri-Sun)

Hokage MIssions Banner 2

The Hokage of the hidden leaf village, Naruto Uzumaki has been hard at work building bonds and ties with every nation.

He has accomplished this is by assisting newly-formed villages in recognizing those within their ranks that are highly gifted.

Now the Hokage of the Leaf has made it to LUMI-CON to promote 1 capable team of individuals to the rank of Jonin!

But this will be no easy task as the Hokage (and his advisers) have overseen this challenge first hand to test not only your skills but also your resolve.

do you have the guts and teamwork to complete the Hokages challenges?

Entry Rules:

In this unique interactive event, you will team with 3 players over the course of the weekend to solve riddles, complete actions, and complete challenges hidden within a scroll.

Be the first team to complete these missions by Sunday and Naruto will promote you to the rank of LUMI-CON JONIN!

Preregistration for this Interactive event will be via the Facebook Event page as well as sign-ups taking place at the convention on Friday pending availability.

Already preregistered for a LUMI-CON weekend pass? Then head on over to the event page and claim your spot in this unique interactive event! But hurry only 30 spots are available!)

Click the link below to be taken directly to our event page for sign ups!

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