Allied Shinobi Jounin Exams!

Allied shinobi banner Final

Event Name: Allied Shinobi Jounin Exams!

Duration: (Friday & Saturday)

The Shinobi Alliance lives on in a time of peace and prosperity, for the most part. The great Kage of every nation works tirelessly to maintain our hard-earned peace in the current era. Still, our ninja must maintain the prowess to mobilize should their village call for them so they may protect their way of life.

Chunin across the Shinobi World gather annually to put their skill on the line expressing through combat, and knowledge, what sets them apart from other ninjas in their village.

It is in this event that certain Chunin are chosen to advance to the rank of Jounin, separating them from the rest of their colleagues. Battle rival ninja from other villages and compete against your peers in a scavenger hunt, and scout for targets in our bingo book. Only the most skilled Shinobi will succeed,

will it be you?

(Limit to 30 people- sign ups will be held at prop check-in area) 

First Exam:  Written Exam 

Time & Location Friday 5:00pm  (Panel Room 2) 

Official Rules:

This first Exam will test your mental ability, a traditional judgment of knowledge-based off what you know so far of the ninja world. We can not explain much of this exam as we need to keep it secret.

If you were to find out even a single clue the entire test may become null and void, so we will leave it at that.

You must complete the first exam in order to make it into the second.



Second Exam: One on One trails 

Time & Location: 5:00pm (Panel Room 2)

Official Rules

This exam portion will pit you against other village ninjas or even your own teammates. It’s a test of skill to see how well you fair in physical and strategic battle situations.

  1. This is an honor-based system. If you are caught cheating, you will be displaced from the arena.
  2. Shots to the torso will be counted as “death”. You die, you lose.
  3. If struck in the arm, place that arm behind your back. That arm is unusable until you “die”, and will be available to you in the next round.
  4. If struck in the leg, drop to one knee. You must stay on that knee until you “die”. Your leg will be available to use next round.
  5. NO HEADSHOTS!!!!!!! YOU WILL BE DISPLACED. This rule also counts for the neck.
  6. If a foot in the ground is struck, that attack does no damage.
  7. If a hand holding a weapon is struck, that attack does no damage.
  8. Three rounds determine a match.
  9. Best of three wins the match.
  10. Winner of the tournament earns a tournament-legal sword and their team the rank of Jounin.


Exam 3: Final Phase 

The tournament winner may take their squad and challenge the official Allied Shinobi Representatives to earn all who support their village’s headband the rank of Jounin.

They will also earn free weekend passes for LUMI-CON 2019 and be given the chance to become the next Allied Shinobi Jounin to beat next year.