A Zodiac Banquet

A Zodiac Banquet


In April 2005 Funimation Entertainment started a project calling for convention attendees to help them fold 1000 origami paper cranes. In Japanese folklore, folding 1000 paper cranes would grant someone a wish. When they had at least 1000 cranes, Funimation sent the cranes and pictures of the events to Studio Deen and Hakusensha to try to convince the company to produce a second season of the Fruits Basket anime. Fans successfully folded the required 1000 cranes by the end of 2005 convention season, starting at least a 13-year gap that culminated in the announcement of a new Fruits Basket anime in 2018.

This holds a testament to the fact that when fans believe, they can make anything happen!

This series captured many hearts with it’s focus revolving around the main protagonist Tohru Honda and her journey coming to know each Sohma member and the curse that has plagued them for generations.

A story has never been so moving at connecting it’s audiences emotionally through it’s diverse characters and story telling that it lead this series to sell 18 million copies between Japan and the US.

LUMI-CON is proud to celebrate the achievement of not only the series but the fans of the series who made this adaption possible.

We hope that you will join us for this very limited Special engagement and we encourage you not to wait as these events typically sell out.

“The Folktale”



Long ago, God told all the animals he was throwing a banquet tomorrow, and not to be late. The mischievous rat told his neighbor, the cat, that the banquet was the day after tomorrow. So, the next day, all the animals lined up for the banquet, and the rat rode there all the way on the cow’s back.

All the animals had fun, except for the cat, who was at home sleeping and dreaming for a banquet that would never come.



A Zodiac Banquet FAQ

“What is the Zodiac Banquet?”

The Zodiac Banquet is held only at LUMI-CON 2019 as a full banquet/dinner experience recreating an exclusive look at the Zodiac Banquet referenced in the series celebrated by the Sohma family.

“When does the Zodiac Banquet take place?”

The Banquet will take place Friday evening at 6:00 PM in a room we will designate at a later date.

“What do I need to attend?”

To attend this special engagement you will need to preregister purchasing a Zodiac Banquet seat online through our ticketing site or if available at LUMI-CON registration day of the event. This event will have a limited seating capacity.

“How much are passes?”

Passes for the Zodiac Banquet are $30 online or at the door (if available).


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>Click here or on image to purchase pass<

“What is included with my purchase?”

  • The Zodiac Banquet includes (1) collectors edition badge to the special event.
  • A full dinner service with a menu provided by the Sheraton hotel banquet service (Special needs will be accommodated upon request)
  • Meet and interact with the cast of the Sohma family as they celebrate the coming new year, play rich  man poor man and other card games.
  • Special seating in your reserved Zodiac section with your sign.
  • You will be treated to a traditional dance handed down from this year to the next between Boar (2019) and the Rat (2020).
  • After the banquet you will be treated to a photo op with the entire cast.


“What should I wear to the Banquet!?”

All guests are encouraged to either wear formal attire (think your Sunday best) or a Fruits Basket cosplay to the event! You will be portraying members of the exclusive Sohma family selected to attend the tradition. Coming in cosplay increases the interactive aspect as our cast will then recognize you as a family member!

Interested in more than just attending and want to be become a part of this one of a kind event? If so we are looking for Zodiac cast members to help us fulfill our event.  Please see our audition page to find out how you can play one of the Zodiac members. (Meals included during the event itself and you will receive a 3-day pass for the convention!) 

To contact us with any other questions, please message us here! Zodiac Banquet Questions



“Never forget the promise that was made.”