Interactive Events

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At LUMI-CON we don’t want you to just sit and watch, we want you to be part of the convention experience!

Through our interactive events, you can make new friends, take on new challenges and win some really awesome prizes!

These events were crafted by fans just like you! They’re not only fun to participate in but made to make you feel a part of the Anime/Video Game worlds we have all come to enjoy!

Each Interactive event will have a cap on players and specific time limits, please see each of their respective pages or our convention guide for all information.


Special Event! Sweet tooth maid cafe

Maid cafe room all weekend long (COMING SOON!)



Event 1:  Fruits Basket – A Zodiac Banquet

Friday 6:00 PM – Limited Seating Special Engagement

A Zodiac Banquet

To kick off the announcement and celebrate the new Fruits Basket series we invite you to join the Sohmas inside their exclusive new year banquet celebration!  There will be food, family and of course the time honored traditional dance between last year to the next. Don’t be left outside the gates and get your tickets today!


Event 2: The Silver Moon (Interactive D&D sessions)

Silver Moon Banner

Running in back of Table Top all weekend long (See DM for game times)

That’s right pull up a chair and grab a stat sheet because when it’s your turn to save a village or destroy all who stand in your way we’re handing you the dice to roll your outcome!

In these condensed sessions you’ll make new friends trying to escape Shadow Fell the realm of darkness. The only hope a beacon light guiding the way, The Silver Moon.


Event 3: (COMING SOON!)



Event 4:  (COMING SOON!)



Event 5: (COMING SOON!)



LUMI-CON is proud to be working with Conquest interactive as they will be hosting and creating a lot of our interactive events!

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ConQuest Interactive is a cosplay entertainment group spearheaded by the quirky cosplay couple: Peyton and Evan Bolivar. Focusing primarily on live entertainment and crowd engagement, ConQuest has been immersing guests in various worlds and stories since 2012.

What began as a love for cosplay, video games, and performing, evolved into a new style of performance art that blurs the like between audience and actor. Not simply limited to stages and costumes, ConQuest breaks the traditional barriers to bring the action straight to the stage floor!

ConQuest has performed throughout the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada in their quest to entertain worldwide. Primarily known for creating and organizing games, ConQuest has also been known to host cosplay contests and interactive panels.