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We are Spartan Team Purple! (S.T.P.)


S.T.P. was founded in October 2018 simply with 2 things in mind : our love for the Halo franchise as well as our love for cosplay.




We wanted to bring together a few like-minded individuals, promote the story of Halo with our own media, and hopefully instill a sense of wonder and excitement for our viewers.

With these ideas in mind we decided to take it even further venturing into the deep lore and background of O.N.I. a secretive and powerful division in the U.N.S.C. Join us on our take of a select group of Spartans, O.D.S.T. and staff aboard the U.N.S.C. TITAN during the wars of the Halo Universe.





We’re excited to be a part of LUMI-CON this year and will be offering photoshoot opportunities for the entire family! Donations are always appreciated for our non-profit works but not necessary.


Join us at LUMI-CON 2019 as we look to finish the fight by your side!

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