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Meet Nerds Know!

Heads up Lumi-Con fans! The premiere panel entertainment group Nerds Know is making their Lumi debut this October!

The nerds of Nerds Know have been hosting panels for over a decade but officially joined forces in 2016 to pull their collective talents together in order to bring conventions the best entertainment possible this side of the Mississippi! The group has extensive knowledge and experience in just about every nerdy area you can think of including Disney, Anime, Japanese culture, cartoons, all things retro, and comics just to name a few.

They are planning to bring a huge variety of panels to Lumi-Con, so get ready for some excitement! All of their panels have huge amounts of audience participation, so get ready! You might even win a prize or two along the way.

You can follow Nerds Know on Facebook & Instagram to stay up to date on all of their upcoming shows, plans, and giveaways!


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