In the coming months, LUMI-CON will reach out to Voice acting guests that you have requested and some of today’s hottest talent in the Animation and Gaming Industry!

These individuals will be available for meet and greets, Panels, autograph sessions and partaking in some of our special events!

Voice Acting Alumni 2018: 

Ray intro 7

Darrel intro 9

Blake Intro 8

Voice Acting Alumni 2019: 

Jason Announce FInal

Sonnt Strait announce



LUMI-CON will always try to bring the guests everyone desires to see the most, so join our Facebook group to meet other fans and discuss who you want to see at our event!

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More than anything we’re interested in hearing who YOU would like to personally meet and greet at our event!

Join us on our **OFFICIAL** Facebook page or drop us an e-mail at LUMI-CON GUESTS telling us who you want to see at LUMI-CON 2020 and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

Check back as we make announcements on guests and list their info here!