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Hi! I’m Amanda from Mandycake Cosplay! I’m a crafting princess from the far off, magical land of New Jersey. I spend my days locked in a tower guarded by three ferocious cats while I build fantastical costumes from my favorite video games and TV shows.

My specialty is in building beautiful and intricate armor and weapons. I especially enjoy finding new ways of making seemingly difficult items. I like to think it’s because I enjoy challenging my creativity but it’s probably just because I am lazy! Either way, I am always thinking of new, sometimes weird, methods to crafting and I love sharing my strange tactics with my fans.

I also enjoy making people laugh! So between my big armor builds I like to take a break and make something simple but ridiculous and hysterical. Cosplay can be a very serious and competitive hobby, so it’s nice to just be silly sometimes!




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Panel Time & Location: 

6:00 PM – Panel Room 2 – Cheating is ok Secret tricks to cosplay


Photo credits: Nardio Photography