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Announcment FCG Mur

It’s MUR!

LUMI-CON would like to welcome and are proud to announce an extremely talented individual as our very first Florida Cosplay Guest!

This cosplayer has poured dedication into their craft behind the scenes, as well as fight the good fight on the forefront. They have been a driving force in our community for inclusiveness and diversity, and honestly believes that Cosplay Is for Everyone!

It’s MUR!

For Mur, cosplay is about love and expressing the admiration of a favorite character or series that has touched them personally. Mur enjoys meeting new people and spreading the passion of cosplay with individuals who believe the same.
Not only has their ability become well-known in costume creations, Mur is self-taught, and has gained knowledge in styling wigs, creating costumes, armor, and props!
As a dedicated craftsman for over half a decade, Mur creates detailed video game and anime-inspired costumes. They have won over 10 awards for their craftsmanship, including four Best in Show awards!

Mur focuses their craft on using upcycled materials, adding individual flair to each costume, and always striving to learn something new! Using his unique style and love of niche, less common characters and original and fan designs, he has created over 100 costumes!

It’s with great pride LUMI-CON hosts Mur at our first event! We hope you will take some time to meet & talk with them as we believe they are an outstanding cosplayer and role model for our community.


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