FFTCG Tournament


Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Tournament

FRIDAY @ 3:00 PM 

Are you a player in the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game?

Then join us in the LUMI-CON Table -Top room for our first official FFTCG tournament!

This tournament looks to bring together individuals who wish to test their current decks and strategies against other players!

This friendly tournament will be hosted by members of The Final Fantasy Ball and prizes will be awarded for first and second place winners!


  • Tournament Entry fee is $5 (all fees will be used for 1st place prize pool)
  • Players must bring their own constructed deck with them on each day of the event.
    Constructed Decks may consist of cards from OPUS I, II and III, IV, V, VI and all current Starter Sets to date.
  • Each player will be given double elimination for round 1 play.
    (2 loses and you’re out)
  • Top 4 will move onto round 2 for the Finals single elimination brackets.
  • Each match will have a time limit of 30 minutes. If the match hasn’t concluded after 30 minutes have passed, participants will be allowed to play 3 additional turns after the current turn has ended. If the winner isn’t determined after the 3 additional turns, both players will receive a loss for that round.
  • There will be no draws, players who tie will each receive a loss.
  •  If players run out of time after 1 win: 1 loss, upon completing an additional 3 turns, whichever player has inflicted more damage will be the winner.
  • If the damage is still tied after 3 turns, the game will continue until a player inflicts one additional point of damage. The first player to deal one damage in that scenario is the winner.
  • Players will use the same deck for all rounds. Any changes made to a deck during the tournament are cause for immediate disqualification.



1st place winner:  will receive (2) complimentary admission badges for The 2018 performance of The Final Fantasy Ball held Saturday night October 27th at LUMI-CON and prize pot for this tournament.

2nd Place runner-up: Will receive a complimentary weekend pass for LUMI-CON 2019 and (1) admission badge for The 2018 performance of The Final Fantasy Ball held Saturday night October 27th at LUMI-CON.