F.A.Q’s/Rules *UPDATED 2020

LUMI-CON Frequently Asked Questions/ Rules & Policies

*Please check back frequently as we are always looking to improve our standards*

“What types of Payment are accepted? I have bitcoin!”

  • All online payments can be processed with any major credit card at this time.
  • At the event, we will accept Cash and all major Debit/Credit cards.
  • If needed Lumi-con has a Cashapp/Venmo you may use, please contact us for details at Lumiconreg@gmail.com.
  • (We apologize as we have not begun to accept bitcoin at this time.)

“How much is a child’s pass?”

  • Children under the age of 10 are complimentary WITH the purchase of an adult pass, and every child must have an adult over the age of 18 years of age accompany them at all times. No Exceptions.

“I already paid for my pass, so where do I go to pick it up?”

  • Passes can be picked up in our designated registration area. (Please see map online in our Hotel section or in the convention guide for location.)
  • Pre-registered pass holders can come as early as Thursday night to redeem passes in our registration area from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm.
  • Friday – Sunday you may pick up your passes when our registration room opens at 9:00 am (If you have Pre-registered for any pass you may use designated VIP lines to obtain your passes faster.)
  • Final Fantasy Ball Pre Registered passes can be obtained at our registration area at any time or 1 hour before the event outside the Main Events room.
  • *NEW* We’ve heard your suggestions and will now also be offering a late night pick up option for those who must arrive later in the evening. Stay tuned for announcements as we arrange this feature.

“I got my pre-registered pass online, how do I claim it?”

  • In order for us to release your pass, we need to verify your identity. Please bring a Photo ID, and your Event Bee confirmation or order number.

(These can be pulled up through emails on phones if you do not have access to a printer. Please have this ready when you are waiting in line so we can serve everyone as quickly as possible.)

“I can’t make it to the con, but already bought my ticket. Can I get a refund?”

  • After 60 days from purchase LUMI-CON cannot refund a pass, however, we will offer an alternative. We understand sometimes things happen so your information will be kept on file and we will carry over your purchase so you can join us next time!
  • After October 1st no refunds will be issued for Pre-registration
  • No refunds will be given during convention weekend purchases.

“How much is parking going to be?”

  • At our host hotel, parking is free!
  • You may use the main parking lot anytime Thursday – Sunday free of charge.
  • On Saturday and Sunday an overflow parking lot will be opened up behind the hotel for those driving in and not staying with our host hotel.
  • *NEW* – We will also be working with nearby hotels and businesses for overflow parking to better accommodate all attendees. Please see Hotel page for updates on which hotels will be offering shuttle services to and from the Sheraton.

“Is there a charge for Wifi?”

  • Wireless internet is complimentary in all guest hotel rooms, there will only be limited access to Wifi within the lobby of the hotel, however, there are complimentary hotel PC stations for public use if needed.

“Can I wear/bring this to the event?”

  • For any and all Cosplay/Costume/Prop/Accessory questions, we ask you first to use your best judgment on bringing a questionable item to the event. If you are still uncertain please reach out to us at Lumiconsafety@gmail.com to speak to our Safety division and we can discuss it further to make sure you won’t be turned away at the door. Please also view our Rules & Policies section below to get a better understand of certain attire that may be questionable.

“I can’t wait to bring my (Insert weapon of choice here)!”

  • Please make sure to review our Rules and Policies section on weapon/prop guidelines as we are working closely with our host hotel to ensure everyone’s safety for both the attendees of LUMI-CON and other hotel guests. For further inquiries please reach out and contact our safety lead at Lumiconsafety@gmail.com

“I have a great idea for a panel, what do I do?”

  • As of 1/1/2018, we have yet to open Panel Submission. Please keep an eye out in the coming months as we will make two announcements; one to inform you a month before panels open, and then again when they become open for submission.
  • Once open you will need to follow the Panels tab on our homepage, following any instructions and filling in any information fully.
  • If you need further assistance please contact our Panel lead at Lumiconpanels@gmail.com for further assistance or questions you may have about the content.

“Why should I be a panelist?” *NEW*
At LUMI-CON we value the time you spend with us and realize you give up some of your time/fun to share your passions with others. That’s why at LUMI-CON we think panelists should be rewarded!
Put your time in and make it work for you!
For everyone (1) hour panel you complete at LUMI-CON 2020 you may reserve a panel slot for the next event in 2021! This ensures if your panel is successful you won’t have to worry about fighting for a spot!


For every (1) hour panel you complete we will apply a $10 credit in your name for Lumi-con 2021 pass purchases. (Maximum 4 credits)

“LUMI-CON, I am with you! Now, what do I do?”
Thank you for joining us in our first year! We’ve worked hard to bring together some of the most innovative ideas to fill your first year with us including:

  • Quality Entertainment
  • Informative Panels
  • Competitive Video Game and Card Tournaments
  • Inspirational Industry and Cosplay Guests to meet and greet
  • A Moe Maid Cafe
  • Talented Artists Foyer
  • Diverse Dealers room
  • Contests ranging anywhere from our hallways to Main Events
  • and so much more!

We’ve deeply thought through our first year to show you that you are our focus and why LUMI-CON should be your convention destination. We hope that you make it your convention home!

These rules have been put in place by our convention staff and host hotel venue to ensure not only the safety of each convention attendee but also any guests residing at the host hotel during our weekend.
These rules will be upheld at all times by our safety team and we ask for your cooperation in following them to your best understanding. We put them in place to make sure everyone has a wonderful convention experience.

1: Zero Tolerance SystemViolation of any of these rules will not be tolerated and may lead to severe disciplinary actions or measures depending on circumstance. We take the safety of every convention attendee with the utmost importance and look to provide a welcoming, comforting and secure environment for all.

2: Please respect the hotel staff and property Remember they are here to help, but sometimes get overwhelmed with requests and the volume of our events. If you have any issues with a member of hotel staff please allow us to assist and do not take matters into your own hands. Please also treat the property as if it were a second home; if you have a great time with us it’s because the host hotel has made this experience possible. Let’s all do our best to make sure we leave it in the same condition we found it.

3: No running in the Hotel/Convention spaceAt no time should there be running in the hallways, rooms, or outside pool areas of the event. For the safety of all guests, running inside will not be allowed and if you do our safety team will ask you to stop immediately. If you wish to run you can always schedule a Naruto run outdoors to burn that energy off!

4: Stealing/TheftIf you’re found in possession of stolen property or goods, you will be ejected without refund and barred from attending any future events. Stealing will not be tolerated, period. Depending on all parties involved charges may be placed and the authorities will be contacted to take matters further.

5: Alcoholic BeveragesDrinks are permitted in areas of the event or in host hotel guest rooms. You must be 21 or older to consume alcoholic beverages. We have ZERO tolerance for underage drinking and we will notify the proper authorities if found with any substance illegally. Please do not bring glass or container without lids to the con floor.

6: HarassmentThis includes but is not limited to: Unwelcome Physical contact, Bullying, Vulgar remarks, Cat Calling, Derogatory language, Invasion of private space, Taking photos without permission, Solicitation and Racial slurs. If someone asks to be left alone, then please respect their wishes. If you happen to witness someone being harassed or are harassed, please speak to us and let any member of our convention team (those with staff shirts) know. We are here to protect you and to ensure everyone is treated with the respect they deserve.

If you have any issue with a LUMI-CON staff member or an employee of our host hotel please speak to our Safety team Leads Ray Gonzalez and Sean Silmser, they will have Red LUMI-CON Safety shirts on all weekend. If you need to speak to a higher authority you may ask for any convention director and we will meet with you as soon as we are able to do so during the weekend.

If an issue was not resolved before you left or you had to leave quickly please reach out to us directly at LUMICONVENTION@gmail.com as this is a direct line to us. Together we can make conventions the environment we want them to be, but it takes us all working together and discussing what happens so we can plan and prepare for a better event.

7: Smoking is limited to designated areasPlease do not smoke indoors as it is prohibited, there are areas that have been designated for smoking and if you need to know where they are located please ask host hotel staff.

8: No inappropriate signage or attire – If you are carrying a sign and it is not relevant to the Cosplay outfit you are currently wearing or offensive to others around you then our safety team will confiscate the sign and/or ask you to return it to your car/room.

Lumi-Con holds “community” in the highest regard, and as such, we will also not allow any propaganda, gestures, language, imagery, or signage that promotes hated or bigotry. We have zero tolerance for any hateful acts, even “as a joke”.

9: No illegal drugsAt no time should illegal drugs be on site during LUMI-CONs event. We will not tolerate any form of drugs and the authorities will be notified if you are caught with them in your possession.

10: Children 10 and younger must be accompanied by an adult at all timesIt is our pleasure to introduce a younger audience to our event but please do not leave them unattended at any moment. If you see a child that looks to be left unattended please notify any member of our staff so we can locate their guardian. This would be greatly appreciated.

11: CostumesAll Costumes must be street legal and family friendly. If it’s anything less than a bathing suit or considered inappropriate attire our host hotel may ask you to leave the convention space and change. We will handle this on a case by case scenario. Please no open exposing attire and if you have bunny suits please wear leggings or tights as this will be acceptable.)

12: MasksMasks may be worn within the convention space only. No masks are to be worn in the hallways, corridors, elevators, lobby, or outside in the host hotel space.

13: Weapons/PropsNo real weapons or realistic looking weapons are allowed in the event space, this includes but is not limited to: Guns (Even with an orange tip), Live Steel, Whips, Sharp or blunt metal objects, etc. If you have a question about a prop you would like to bring to the event and see if it is acceptable please contact our safety lead at Lumiconsafety@gmail.com to discuss it further.

14: 3D printedNo 3D printed weapons made to look realistic will be accepted at this time.

15: 18+ eventsAll 18+ events and panels will be subject to identification checks. This means that you must have the following forms of valid ID in order to enter rooms with the following ratings. No exceptions will be made.

  • State issued Drivers license
  • State issued Identification Card
  • Passport with picture ID

Please remember within these events we look to bring you a great show that will knock your socks off but also need to protect the integrity of our performers and they can do it all over again for you next year! So please follow these guidelines.

  • There is to be No photography or video recordings within room without prewritten authorization.
  • All cell phones are to be silenced or turned off when entering the room. If you need to make or take a call we ask you to please exit the room in a calm and orderly fashion.
  • Try to use restrooms before entering an 18+ events to limit the possibility of leaving the room.
  • Once the show begins and doors close, there will be no admittance and no reentry once you leave the room.
  • Alcoholic beverages must remain within designated areas at all times
  • Performer tips are always appreciated, so if they made your night help make theirs!

Have a question that was not answered here? Send it over to Lumiconvention@gmail.com and help make our event even safer!