FFB Fan Fiction Contest

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The Final Fantasy Ball presents A FFXV Fan Fiction Contest!

For many years The Final Fantasy Ball has honored the games within the series to the best of our abilities. With our original tales and heartwarming moments based on the characters, settings, and events we have always tried to portray a live-action tribute for Central Florida attendees time and time again!

Now The Final Fantasy Ball wants to see what YOU can imagine and create based off  The Final Fantasy XV universe! A universe that has given us all so much and connected fandoms of all generations.

For the first time ever The Final Fantasy Ball is hosting a fan fiction contest like no one has ever seen!

How would you like to see your scene re-enacted on our stage before a live audience at LUMI-CON?  If you become our *Grand Prize winner, we may ask to use your scene in the Ball!

Imagine using any of the characters within the Kingsglaive, Brotherhood or Final Fantasy XV settings to create a scene YOU think may have happened (or should have happened). It can consist of a touching moment between the Chocobros. Maybe a meaningful conversation between characters like Luna and Gentiana before the wedding, a single scene with a characters inner dialogue and self-reflection such as Promptos self-worth or even something that breaks the fourth wall entirely with a comedic angle!

The only limits to these ideas are your own imaginations!

You’ve supported and watched The Final Fantasy Ball bring their works to life, now we want to do the same in return for one lucky fan! Let’s see what your imaginations can create and then we may share it with the world!


Official Contest rules:

1: All works must be of own creation and not taken from other published works.

2: No abusive language,  profanity or sexual content of any nature will be accepted.

3: Scenes may consist of no more than 10 pages                                                                                             (Think of how FFB scenes work for a good template for what it should consist of)

4: Submissions may be turned in with either Microsoft Word or PDF formats.

5: Only one submission per author will be allowed

6: Immediate family members, Cast and LUMI-CON staff are not eligible to submit entries.

7: Submission dates are as follows:

Entry submission – January 1st 2018      Submissions Closed August 1st 2018

8: Contest is open to the general public but must meet Preregistration criteria to be selected as the grand prize winner.

9: the Winning piece may be placed online on LUMI-CON website under Final Fantasy Ball

10: Have fun and be creative!



There will be (2) two ways to enter a submission into this contest!

1st way: You must either pre-register with a LUMI-CON VIP/Weekend  OR  Final Fantasy Ball Pass ($10) before submission will be taken into consideration.

2nd way: Donate($5) to our community outreach program knows as **PROJECT LUMI

Then just submit your entry to:

Final Fantasy Ball Fan Fiction Contest

Once we have received your entry and verified your registration you’re set!

We will then announce our Grand Prize winner on August 17th 2018!


Grand Prize:

(1) winner will be selected and their piece either hosted on LUMI-CONs website or performed live at The Final Fantasy Ball on October 27th 2018!

They will also receive:

  • A lifetime pass to The Final Fantasy Ball
  • A LUMI-CON 2019 VIP Pass
  • A Picture with the cast following the “Companions” performance
  • A Final Fantasy swag and goodie bag!



*Grand Prize script used may depend on cohesive adaption with Ball established storyline, Character availability, and event timing restrictions.   

**Visit our Facebook page for more information on how you can help individuals in our community through >PROJECT LUMI HERE<