Retro City Warfare


Attention Citizens of Retro City!

Are you ready to witness some of the most intensive, hardcore hitting, smash mouth, in your face action the con scene has ever scene?!

Nothing can prepare you for the battles that unfold for control of each district!

Join us this time in the Lumi District as some of your favorite fighters like Ryu, Kano, M. Bison, & many more as they bring you a night of action you won’t ever forget!

Cheering is allowed, heckling is allowed but be warned once you enter our district there’s only one rule….there are no rules!

Join us for Retry City Warfare at Lumi Con 2018!


Are you interested in defending or overthrowing the current rulers of the Lumi district?  

Stay tuned as Audition information for this event is coming soon! 


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