Halloween Dance Party


Halloween Dance2

It only comes once every year.

It’s been called many names over time.

The celebration of monsters and mischief, ghouls, and ghosts.

Of Superstitions and the Supernatural.

One holiday specifically where we all believe in the things that go bump in the night.  

On Friday, October 26th, 2018 we invite you to come celebrate everything Halloween with a Dance Party like no other!  

Halloween themed costumes are encouraged or come dressed as your favorite Anime, Video game characters and add a Halloween twist! (Like those in our banner!)  

We’ll be having a mini costume contest for the best Halloween themed outfit, A scary picture booth and door prizes all night long!

But we can’t have a proper dance party without playing some of the best music tracks and a few Halloween favorites right? So come dance the night away with friends!

Join LUMI-CON and get into the spirit of the event, or the spirits may get into you…

*This event is included for all LUMI-CON pass holders and hosted in our main events room!

*Room Max capacity may be exercised as with any event