Cospital Cosplay Repair

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LUMI-CON is happy to announce the return of a very special group of heroes who saved the day during around every corner of our event last year!

Please welcome back Cospital Cosplay Repair!

Cospital Cosplay Repair is a convention cosplay triage unit that offers tools and expertise free of charge to event attendees!

With a core of 8 cosplayers, costumers, craftsmen, and film industry freelancers from the Central Florida area they offer a variety of skills: from wig work to armor, sewing to props, makeup to leather-craft. But they don’t just fix costumes! Cospital has patched an assortment of camera bag straps, shoe blow-outs, and stuffed toys in need of surgery over the last three years.

Some of the items provide include hot glue guns, paint/permanent markers, sewing machine, needles and thread, makeup sealing spray, tampons/pads, prosthetic adhesive, hairspray, bobby pins, and many, many safety pins! For a fairly comprehensive list of what they carry, Check out their website here for more info: Cospital Website

Some of the other services they offer include:
-A changing area for more discreet repairs and trans/gender non-conforming cosplayers.
-Advice for permanent repairs to props and costumes post-convention.
-Bathroom escorts for trans/gender non-conforming attendees.
-Safe space for bullied or harassed attendees, often in conjunction with event security.
-“Final looks” and adjustments for individuals competing in costume contests.
-General encouragement and positivity. From the first timer to the professional cosplayer, everyone is welcome at Cospital and free from judgment.

While there is never a charge for attendees use of the Cospital they do accept donations as well as sell  Cospital branded and costume-related merchandise. This helps them recuperate stock as well as upgrade tools and supplies.

For more info check out their Facebook page at Cospital Cosplay Repair!

Do you know that the Cospital also uses their space to host live demos and tutorials, these were a huge hit last year and something you won’t want to miss!

Join Cospital Cosplay Repair throughout Lumi-Con as we demonstrate helpful skills to add to your costuming repertoire! Materials and techniques will be explained and questions are welcome!

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Note: All Demos are subject to delay or pause with repair volume in the Cospital.