Cosplay Carnivale

Cosplay Carnivale 2 2019

Welcome to the LUMI-CON Cosplay Carnivale page! As a new convention we’re looking at making our COSTUME CONTEST process fun and exciting so we’re going to be trying out a few new things! Please make sure you read all the information below!

PREJUDGING TIME: 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM


Cosplay Carnivale will take place in Main Events room at 2:00 PM


You must sign up for a pre-judging time slot to be considered for any awards and be ON TIME. Actual prejudging will be on Saturday/Sunday mornings. Each entrant will get 5 minutes with the judges. Make it to your slot on time and make the MOST of your time.

You will select a time frame (30 minutes) for your judging slot when you preregister. Please be fifteen minutes early to the beginning of the time slot, as we want to make sure everyone is able to be seen. Keep in mind if it is 10:25 and your slot was 10-1030, you may not get judged if there is another entrant that is waiting on that time slot. Each time slot allows for 6 contestants.

Please bring reference materials and progress photos for the judges. This can be through digital media (i.e. iPad) or printed.


1: There will be a total of 30 entrants allowed on a first come first serve basis.

2: Costumes can be from any official anime, manga, comic, video game or movie source material. Fan art mashups for genres will be taken on a case by case basis and must be submitted to Cosplay Director for approval. It will be determined if it strays too far from the original source material or not. However, mashups still must provide source material (artwork). No original characters or concepts will be permitted at this time. Please ask the Cosplay Director if you have any questions as to whether or not a costume is appropriate for the contest.

3: Costumes MUST be at least 80% handmade by entrant(s) (example: gloves, shoes, and wig bought with little alteration, rest of costume heavily altered or made from scratch) If you did not make your costume, please do not enter. We have another contest that will be PERFECT for you here (Haunted Hallway Contest).

4: Costumes must be PG13 (family friendly) and adhere to all convention and hotel policies.

5: Props must adhere to the LUMI-CON weapons policy.

6: You must have at least a Preregistered weekend pass to LUMI-CON 2019 to reserve a spot and enter this contest (PURCHASE LUMI-CON TICKETS HERE)

7: Costumes must be self-contained. No projectiles whatsoever and nothing is to be left behind on stage.

8: If you enter a costume you need assistance moving in please bring your own handler. The convention will not provide one for you.

9: Groups can have no more than 6 people.

10: Each entry may only appear on stage one time. Each person may only participate in one entry.

11: Please do not enter costumes that have already won awards. If we find you have, you will be disqualified.

12: The judges’ and Cosplay Director’s decisions are FINAL.

13: Any harassment of participants, judges or staff will result in disqualification of future participation.


-Best in Show

-Best Individual

-Best Group

-Best Craftsmanship

-Best Prop

-Rising Star (Best Beginning Cosplayer)

-Judges Award

-Best Spirited Award

*All award categories and rules are subject to change or modification at any point of time at the discretion of the Cosplay Director and her team*


Please Note: Categories will be removed if there is not enough competition, or additional categories may be added if necessary. All awards can only be awarded to a single solo/group. Other than Best Individual, all awards can be awarded to an individual competitor or a group of competitors.

The following prizes will be awarded:

Best in Show:


  • Best In Show Award
  • $1000 in cash
  • Invitation to be Cosplay Guest at LUMI-CON 2020 and judge next contest
  • Vendor/Sponsor Swag

Best Individual:


  • Best Individual Award
  • $250 in Cash
  • One VIP pass for LUMI-CON 2020
  • Vendor/Sponsor Swag

Best Group:


  • Best Group Award
  • $250 in Cash
  • One Weekend pass for LUMI-CON 2020 to all members
  • Vendor/Sponsor Swag

Best Craftsmanship:


  • Best Craftsmanship Award
  • $100 in Cash
  • One Weekend pass for LUMI-CON 2020
  • Vendor/Sponsor Swag

Best Prop:


  • Best Prop Award
  • $50 in Cash
  • One Weekend pass for LUMI-CON 2020
  • Vendor/Sponsor Swag

Rising Star:


  • Rising Star Award
  • $50 in Cash
  • One Weekend pass for LUMI-CON 2020
  • Vendor/Sponsor Swag

Judges’ Award:


  • Judges Award
  • One Weekend passes for LUMI-CON 2020
  • Vendor/Sponsor Swag

Spirited Award:


  • Spirited Award
  • *Two weekend passes for a future con of your choosing!
  • Vendor/Sponsor Swag



Take a look at all our amazing contestants of 2018!


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Photo Credit: Ben Cruz Photography

*Restricted to Florida anime cons only