Do you have a skill, talent, passion or drive to share your work with others?

LUMI-CON Contests are the perfect place to show them off and will feature a variety of contests for you to shine brightly and earn that recognition!

Costume Contest

Costume Contest

With a $2,000 cash prize in this year’s contest, we hope to see the best brought out in everyone’s designs and Cosplay! Please see the page for official breakdown and how you can sign up for this event!


One Act Anime

OAA Announce banner

Have you ever wanted to perform?  LUMI-CON’s stage is waiting for you!  From aspiring stars and starlets to dyed-in-the-wool drama-kids, we want to see you bring your best to our One Act Anime show.  We’re taking the “cosplay skit contests” of olde, and amping them up with lights, video, and sound effects.



AMV Awards Show


Are you a talented AMV artist looking to display your creative works to fellow convention peers?

Do you like winning awards and being recognized for your passion in moving others through visually stunning short stories and music?

Then LUMI-CON has created an opportunity just for you!


Haunted Hallway Contest

Haunted Hallway Banner

                       Show us your Halloween Spirit in this exciting new hallway contest!

Mashup your favorite anime with a Halloween twist or go all out with a cosplay of your choice to enter this relaxed, fun and frightening good time!