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CONTACT LUMI-CON HEAD OF SAFETY – Prop questions, Safety regulations, Dress code
CONTACT LUMI-CON GUESTS LEAD – Guest info,Submit or suggest a request to appear
CONTACT LUMI-CON HEAD OF PANELS – Panel questions,Time changes,Content check
CONTACT LUMI-CON CONTESTSAMV Award show, One Act Anime(Skit Contest)
CONTACT LUMI-CON HEAD OF ARTISTS – Any Artist questions or suggestions
CONTACT LUMI-CON HEAD OF VENDORS – Any Vendor questions or suggestions
CONTACT LUMI-CON COSTUME CONTEST LEADCostume Contest,Haunted Hallway,Photo contests
CONTACT LUMI-CON GAME ROOM LEAD – Tournaments,Gaming,Console questions, sponsorship
CONTACT LUMI-CON TABLE TOP LEAD – Schedule,Card games,Board games
CONTACT LUMI-CON FINAL FANTASY BALL – Special requests,Auditions,Song Requests
CONTACT SWEET TOOTH MAID CAFE – Questions, Maid/ Butler info, Auditions, Pricing
CONTACT LUMI-CON MEDIA LEAD – Press Passes, Media Questions, Photography guidelines
CONTACT LUMI-CON PR LEAD– Public Relations needs, Social Media help, Sponsorship, Press Releases
CONTACT LUMI-CON EVENT DIRECTORS – any general LUMI-CON questions please submit here

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The Final Fantasy Ball has been around Since 2002! But not to worry we’ve managed to gather all our data in one place so you can watch past shows, see productions photos, Special messages from FF VA’s and stay up to date on all things Final Fantasy!

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