Cons Against Our Sanity

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Featured Game – Cons Against Our Sanity!

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The #1 con game since 2017!

Kronotiq Media’s Cons Against Our Sanity is a card game for those who like to attend conventions, geek out, and sometimes just want to be terrible people. It’s also quite fun!

Successfully funded as a small indie project in July 2017 by popular demand on Kickstarter, Cons Against Our Sanity has sold several hundred copies across the nation, as well as abroad – so much that it spawned its own webcomic and web series!

LUMI-CON is happy to be working with Kronotiq Media to bring you Cons Against Our Sanity as a Feature it in our game room for your enjoyment!

Check our convention guide for scheduled times as Kronotiq introduces you to the game or come on by with friends and borrow a deck for some leisure play time!

Copies of the game will be on hand for purchase or visit their website below to buy your copy today!


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