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Meet ConQuest Interactive!

ConQuest Interactive is a cosplay entertainment group spearheaded by the quirky cosplay couple: Peyton and Evan Bolivar!
Focusing primarily on live entertainment and crowd engagement, ConQuest has been immersing guests in various worlds and stories of fandom since 2012.

What began as a love for cosplay, video games, animation, and puppeteering, evolved into a new style of performance art that blurs the lines between audience and actor. But they aren’t simply limited to stages and costumes, ConQuest has been breaking traditional barriers bringing the action straight to the stage and convention floors!

ConQuest has been performing throughout the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada in their ongoing quest to entertain fans worldwide. Primarily they’ve been known for creating and organizing interactive events and games, but they have also been known to host cosplay contests and interactive panels as well!

Make sure to check out their events throughout LUMI-CON as they look to include you in on all the excitement they create.

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Panel Times & Location:
3:00 PM: Panel Room 3 – Pork Nationals
11:00 AM: Panel Room 3 – Chocobo Racing
3:00 PM: Panel Room 3 : Super Hallway RPG! Tactics
Weekend long game: Final Fantasy Fashion Report!