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Welcome to the Central Florida Spotlight – Online Poll page!

Choosing Cosplay guests is no easy task, each year we will have a handful of applicants that we feel should all be guests at a local event for their dedication and passion in the cosplay community.

With this new feature, LUMI-CON will select one deserving cosplayer from our CFS archive submissions to bring to the event and then turn to the community to help choose the second CFS guest.

It is our hope that in sharing their submissions with you these individuals will use this opportunity to reach higher recognition and spread positivity in their careers with the opportunity you have given them.

We ask that you review each candidate who has put themselves out there by recognizing their skill, dedication to craft, community interaction and how you feel they will represent you the fans as a LUMI-CON CFS Guest.

This is your chance to ensure that someone who is deserving not only gets noticed but shows that their work and doing what they love is appreciated by everyone.

for each vote, we thank you in advance.

To cast your vote on May 1st join our LUMI-CON **Official** page here!

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Below are the Candidates who are currently entered into this feature:

CFS singles Moira Yume Cosplay

My name is Moira Yume and I have been cosplaying for almost 13 years. I have also been a costume commissioner for over 10 years. I have a background and degree in theatre and costume design and experience having worked with fabrics for over 6 years in a previous job. I’ve also got a few awards for some of my cosplays, including Best Intermediate for two as well as Judge’s awards and Best Anime/Manga. I would love to have a chance for Lumi-con’s Central Florida Spotlight as a way to help get my name out there!

CFS singles Areille Pendergrass

Hello! my name is Arielle Pendergrass. I grew up with my family being immersed in theater. At a young age I had an aptitude for memorizing lines. Performing in front of crowds became second nature over the 21 yrs I’ve been in this industry. I started cosplaying at the age of 5 when I became a fill in for an actress that was to be painted in gold and used as a live statue for an Egyptian parade. I enjoyed it all, so continued my journey from there. Now my goals for the future are to do regular cosplay music videos and blogging on YouTube. I would like to improve my skills in fabrication and costume building while traveling the country going to conventions.

CFS singles Pixel Doll Cosplay

I’ve been cosplaying since 2010 and am mostly self-taught. I’ve cosplayed over 30 costumes from a number of different genre’s ranging from video games to anime both retro characters and new! I have also designed a number of costumes based on pokemon, princess and even a ladybug! I’ve been performing onstage for the cosplay community since 2011. You may have seen me anywhere from shadowcasting with CRH to cosplay burlesque with a number of performance groups. My focus for cosplay is that it is for everyone at every skill level, you can always see my live streams and see how I make my cosplays and also see how silly I can be while trying to get it together. I have grown with the Florida cosplay community and would love for the opportunity to give back to such a wonderful, inspiring and creative community!

CFS singles Pussykatl Cosplay

Blue Crystal Cosplay

My name is kitty and I first started cosplaying in 2011, my first cosplay was a team magma grunt from Pokémon during nekocon 2011 in Virginia. After my daughter was born in 2014 I took a hiatus from cosplaying and cons for about a year so we could move to Florida and so I could parent my little one. After Holmat 2015 I became fully immersed in conventions and cosplay again. I would try my best to get new cosplays and make new props for cons, some of my well-known cosplays I worked hard on are Chansey from Pokémon, chowder from chowder, and my poison ivy which is my first time making armor. My props have included a sailor mars wand, a comedy gold book, a serving tray type prop for nurse Chansey and a very leafy plant umbrella for poison ivy along with the armor. When I first started becoming active in the online cosplay community I noticed first hand other bigger cosplayers like me would have to work much harder if we wanted compliments an recognition in the community. Ever since I got my first dose of cosplay bullying I decided to keep going and go harder not only for myself but for other plus-size cosplayers. I believe cosplay is for everyone and no matter your physical features or your income you should be able to portray a character you love, have fun and be accepted by others. I love to make people smile and try my best to brighten up the community so everyone is happy and so my daughter knows the good of the community. I hope one day my reaching out and kindness helps rid the cosplay community of some of its toxicity so that more people will join and experience the wonder of conventions. I hope my uplifting attitude warms your hearts and you consider me as a guest.

At a young age, Lysette knew she wanted to leave her mark on this world. She thought it would be with writing, but never imagined it would actually be with Cosplay. In her freshman year of highschool she attended her first anime convention, Metrocon 2008, and fell in love with the idea of dressing up as her favorite character. In 2010, she competed in her first costume contest as Eevee from Pokemon. Although she did not win, that did not stop her from making more cosplays in the years to come. With each costume her skills grew, learning new techniques and advancing her craft.
Being a plus size cosplayer, she believes it is for everyone no matter the color of skin, race, size or talent. In her 10 years of cosplaying Lysette has encountered many hardships including body shaming, both in person and on the internet. But instead of quitting what she really enjoys, she keeps on smiling and continues to advance with new goals to reach every day.
Aside from cosplaying, Lysette also enjoys watching anime and playing video games. Her favorite games include TERA, Smite, and Overwatch, retro games like Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Azure Dreams, Spyro, Kingdom Hearts, even board games such as Pathfinders. Some of her favorite animes include Inuyasha, Wolfs Rain, Food Wars, Gosick, Akame Ga Kill, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Attack on Titan, Clannad, and so much more.

More to come!

How do I become a Central Florida Spotlight Guest?

We will select two guests from each category a year, our first guest has been selected but we are still taking submissions for our second.
If you’re a local cosplayer ranging from the Orlando to Sarasota area and are looking for a way to appear as a cosplay guest at an event then LUMI-CON wants to help you get started!

To be considered please submit:

  1. A short bio about yourself
  2. A few pictures of yourself and your work
  3. Any social media links you would like used

Submit all info by May 1st, 2018 to and earn your chance in the spotlight at LUMI-CON 2018!!

After the deadline has closed we will then place a poll of all applicants on our Facebook media to let the fans decide who they want to see take the Central Florida Spotlight at LUMI-CON 2018!

Good Luck to all candidates and we look forward to working with you on your bright futures!