CFS Winner Pixel Doll Cosplay


We would like to congratulate Pixel Doll Cosplay in becoming our 2nd Central Florida Spotlight Cosplay Guest after winning our online poll!!

For the entire month of June, we watched all contestants closely. Not only judging their cosplay skills but also their hearts and how we are looking for our cosplayers to represent our community.  She set a great example of not only sharing knowledge with our community on the LUMI-CON Official page but also supported and encouraged fellow competitors every step of the way.

LUMI-CON is proud to extend this opportunity as she has exhibited not only her dedication to costume creation but also good sportsmanship and the heart of a true role model for cosplay!

We look forward to further helping her and Bailey Vae build upon their cosplay endeavors for this year.

Pixel Doll Bio:

I’ve been cosplaying since 2010 and am mostly self-taught. I’ve cosplayed over 30 costumes from a number of different genre’s ranging from video games to anime both retro characters and new! I have also designed a number of costumes based on pokemon, princess and even a ladybug! I’ve been performing onstage for the cosplay community since 2011. You may have seen me anywhere from shadowcasting with CRH to cosplay burlesque with a number of performance groups. My focus for cosplay is that it is for everyone at every skill level, you can always see my live streams and see how I make my cosplays and also see how silly I can be while trying to get it together.  I have grown with the Florida cosplay community and would love for the opportunity to give back to such a wonderful, inspiring and creative community!

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